199 The Astronomically Forced Sedimentary Record: From Geologic Time Scales to Lunar-Tidal History (Posters)

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Linda A. Hinnov and James G. Ogg
Poster #143
Centennial- to Decadal-Scale Environmental Shifts in and around Lake Pannon Related to a Major Late Miocene Lake-Level Rise
Werner E. Piller, University of Graz; Mathias Harzhauser, Natural History Museum Vienna; Andrea Kern, University of Vienna; Ali Soliman, University of Graz; Klaus Minati, University of Graz; Dan L. Danielopol, University of Graz; Martin Zuschin, University of Vienna
Poster #146
The Cretaceous Astronomical Time Scale
Robert Locklair, Johns Hopkins University; Linda A. Hinnov, Johns Hopkins University; James G. Ogg, Purdue Univ
Poster #148
Cyclic Sedimentation in the Mississippian Pride Shale: Quantitative Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Tidal Rhythmites Using X-Ray Fluorescence Scanning and Advanced Spectral Methods
Kristin Larkins, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Stephen Meyers, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Louis Bartek, Univ of North Carolina
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