198 Paleozoic Oceanographic and Climatic Changes: Evidence from Seawater Geochemistry and Sedimentology Records (Posters)

Poster Session
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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Ganqing Jiang and Uwe Brand
Poster #135
Homogeneous Seawater Temperatures across the Early Ordovician Laurentian Carbonate Platform
Damon J. Bassett, Missouri State University; Kenneth G. MacLeod, University of Missouri; Raymond L. Ethington, University of Missouri
Poster #136
Global Taghanic and Givetian Seawater Records: An Amelioration of Faunal Realms, Climatic Conditions and High Levels of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Uwe Brand, Brock University; Karem Azmy, Memorial University; Ganqing Jiang; Xinqing Lee, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Poster #137
Nd Isotopes from North American Epicontinental Seas: Carboniferous Ocean Chemistry and Inter-Basinal Circulation
Stella C. Woodard, Texas A&M University; Deborah J. Thomas, Texas A&M University; Ethan Grossman, Texas A&M Univ; Brent V. Miller, Texas A&M Univ; Thomas D. Olszewski, Texas A&M Univ; Thomas Yancey, Texas A&M University; Brent Barley, Texas A&M University; Anne Raymond, Texas A&M University; Matthew Hensley, Texas A&M University
Poster #138
Deglaciation in a Pennsylvanian paleovalley of western Argentina: the Agua de Jag├╝el Formation
Lindsey C. Henry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; John Isbell, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Carlos O. Limarino, University of Buenos Aires; Lindsay J. McHenry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Margaret L. Fraiser, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Poster #140
Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic Boundary Interval in the Great Basin, USA: How Much of a Record Is Preserved?
Alexa R.C. Sedlacek, The Ohio State University; Matthew R. Saltzman, The Ohio State University; Jeff Linder, The Ohio State University
Poster #141
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Triassic (Smithian) Thaynes Formation: Framework for Understanding My-Scale Paleoclimate Change
Stephanie Yurchyk, University of New Mexico; Maya Elrick, University of New Mexico; Viorel Atudorei, University of New Mexico
Poster #142
Simulated Ocean Circulation and Marine Carbon Cycle during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Arne M.E. Winguth, University of Texas at Arlington; Vinit Asher, University of Texas at Arlington; Christine Shields, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Cornelia Winguth, University of Texas at Arlington
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