200 Whole Earth Systems Science: New Perspectives on the “Rock Cycle” from the Deep Earth to the Atmosphere to Life (Posters)

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Cin-Ty Lee , Andreas Luttge , Adrian Lenardic and Gerald Dickens
Poster #150
Whole Rock Geochemistry of Lavas from Bela Ophiolite, Western Pakistan
Yingqian Xiong, University of Houston; Shuhab Khan, University of Houston; Khalid Mahmood, University of Balochistan
Poster #151
Plate Boundary Processes on the Eoarchean Earth
Stephen J. Mojzsis, Univ of Colorado; Nicole L. Cates, Univ of Colorado
Poster #152
The Effect of Volatile Content of Mantle on Planetary Thermal Evolution
Constantin Sandu, Rice University; Adrian Lenardic, Rice University; Cin-Ty Lee, Rice Univ
Poster #154
Poster #155
Resolving the Ar Paradox within the Framework of Whole Mantle Convection
Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Harvard University; Helge Gonnermann, University of Hawaii
Poster #156
Chemostatic Modes of the Phanerozoic: Calcite-Dolomite Versus Aragonite Seas and Their Control by Weathering, Carbonate Precipitation, and Basalt-Seawater Reactions
Rolf S. Arvidson, Rice University; Michael Guidry, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Fred T. Mackenzie, University of Hawaii
Poster #157
Super-Earths: Properties and Tectonics
Diana Valencia, Harvard University; Richard J. O'Connell, Harvard University
Poster #158
Implications for a Magma Ocean from in Situ High Pressure-Temperature Melting Experiments on the Allende Meteorite and Peridotite
Lisa Danielson, NASA JSC; Kevin Righter, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston; Kurt Leinenweber, Arizona State University; Yanbin Wang, University of Chicago
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