164 T10. Ancient Polar Ecosystems and Environments: Proxies for Understanding Climate Change and Global Warming
(Paleontological Society; Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies)

Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330A
Anthony Fiorillo and Paul McCarthy
1:45 PM
A Possible Reincised Eocene Paleovalley and New Formation near Brooks Camp, Naknek Lake, Alaska
Judith Totman Parrish, Univ of Idaho; Anthony R. Fiorillo; Bonnie F. Jacobs, Southern Methodist University
2:05 PM
Stable Isotope Proxies for Polar Paleoprecipitation in Ancient Greenhouse Worlds
Greg A. Ludvigson, The University of Kansas; Luis A. González, University of Kansas; Mark Pagani, Yale Univ
2:45 PM
Tidally Influenced, High Latitude, Alluvial-Deltaic Deposits of the Dinosaur-Bearing Late Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation: North Slope, Alaska
Peter P. Flaig, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Paul J. McCarthy, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Anthony R. Fiorillo
3:15 PM
A Preliminary Analysis of Phytodebris Assemblages from the Liscomb Bone Bed Area, Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska
J.M. Tapp II, University of Alaska Fairbanks; G.R. Upchurch Jr, Texas State University; S.J. Fowell, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Paul McCarthy, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; Anthony Fiorillo, Museum of Nature and Science
3:45 PM
Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) Paleoenvironments from the Lower Cantwell Formation at Sable Mountain , Denali National Park , Alaska
Carla Susanne Tomsich, University of Alaska; Paul J. McCarthy, University of Alaska; Sarah J. Fowell, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Anthony R. Fiorillo, Museum of Nature and Science; David Sunderlin, Lafayette College; Stephen T. Hasiotis, University of Kansas
4:00 PM
Early to Late Cenozoic Changes in North American High-Latitude Lowland-Forest Biomass
Christopher J. Williams, Franklin and Marshall College
4:15 PM
Palynomorphs Recovered from the ANDRILL SMS Sediment Cores Provide First Proximal Environmental Characterization of the Mid Miocene Climatic Optimum
Sophie Warny, Louisiana State University; Rosemary Askin, Consultant; Ian Raine; Mike Hannah, Victoria University of Wellington; Barbara Mohr, Museum H.U; SMS Science Team Andrill, University of Nebraska
4:30 PM
Fresh and Warm Arctic Ocean Surface Waters during Eocene Thermal Maximum 2
Appy Sluijs, Utrecht University; Stefan Schouten, NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Ursula Roehl, Bremen University; Gert-Jan Reichart, Utrecht University; Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté, NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Francesca Sangiorgi, Utrecht University; Srinath Krishnan, Yale University; Mark Pagani, Yale University; Henk Brinkhuis, Utrecht University
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