165 Sediment in Fluvial Systems: Production, Transport, and Storage at the Watershed Scale II

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 332BE

L. Allan James , Michael Slattery and Mark Fonstad
1:30 PM
Vertical Exchange of Gravels Over a Flood Series
J.K. Haschenburger, University of Texas at San Antonio
1:45 PM
Downstream Channel Responses to Dam Impoundment, Delaware River Basin, Catskill Mountains, New York
Peter L.K. Knuepfer, Binghamton Univ; Jorene L. Hamilton, University of Tennessee; Britt E. Westergard, Binghamton Univ
2:00 PM
Increased Mid-20th Century River Bank Erosion Rates Related to the Demise of Mill Dams, South River, Virginia
James Pizzuto, University of Delaware; Michael O'Neal, University of Delaware
2:30 PM
Characterizing the Source of Fine-Grained Sediments in New Jersey Rivers Using Radionuclides
Joshua C. Galster, Montclair State University; Kirk Barrett, Montclair State University; Huan Feng, Montclair State University; Nicole Bujalski, Montclair State University; Jared Lopes, Montclair State University
2:45 PM
Look Again: Meteoric 10-Be Is a Useful Tracer of Hillslope and Basin-Scale Process
Paul Bierman, University of Vermont; Matthew C. Jungers, University of Vermont; Lucas Reusser, University of Vermont; Milan Pavich, U.S. Geological Survey
3:00 PM
Sediment Discharges from Proximal Urban and Rural Karst Basins during Storm Flow
Alan E. Fryar, University of Kentucky; J. Todd McFarland, AMEC Earth & Environmental; Thomas M. Reed, AMEC Earth & Environmental
3:15 PM
Abandoned Channel Fill - Clay Plug, or Not?
Margaret J. Guccione, University of Arkansas
3:30 PM
Main Channel Response to Holocene Climate CHANGE and Hillslope Sedimentation
Jennifer L. Pierce, Boise State University; Grant A. Meyer, Univ of New Mexico; Tammy Rittenour, Utah State University
3:45 PM
Drainage Basin Influences on Alluvial Fan Processes in the Lost River Range, Idaho
Michael J. Poulos, Boise State University; Jennifer L. Pierce, Boise State University; Ken L. Pierce, U.S. Geological Survey
4:15 PM
Paleofloods or Arroyo Cycles? Reconciling Alluvial Records in the Greater Buckskin Drainage, Colorado Plateau
Jonathan E. Harvey, Utah State University; Joel L. Pederson, Utah State University; Tammy Rittenour, Utah State University
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