163 Coastal Tectonics of the Pacific Rim: Geomorphology, Structure, and Hazards

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 332CF

Jeff Marshall and Peter Sak
1:45 PM
Applying Research Data and Results: A Case History of a Cascadia Great Earthquake and Tsunami
Michelle K. Hall, Science Education Solutions; Michael A. Mayhew, Synoptic, LLC; Robert F. Butler, University of Portland; C. Scott Walker, Harvard University
2:00 PM
Quantifying Coseismic Subsidence during the Giant AD 1700 Earthquake along the Oregon Coast
Andrea D. Hawkes, University of Pensylvania; Benjamin P. Horton, University of Pensylvania; Alan R. Nelson, USGS
2:15 PM
Relationship among Rough Crust Subduction, Forearc Kinematics, and Quaternary Uplift Rates, Costa Rican Segment of the Middle America Trench
Peter Sak, Dickinson College; Donald Fisher, The Pennsylvania State University; Thomas Gardner, Trinity University; Jeffrey Marshall, Cal Poly Pomona University; Peter LaFemina
2:30 PM
Coastal Tectonics of the Nicoya Peninsula Seismic Gap, Costa Rica
Jeffrey S. Marshall, Cal Poly Pomona University; Eli J. LaFromboise, California State University Northridge; John D. Utick, Cal Poly Pomona University; Shawn C. Morrish, Cal Poly Pomona University; Peter Piestrzeniewicz, Cal Poly Pomona University; Marino Protti, Universidad Nacional; Thomas W. Gardner, Trinity University; Peter B. Sak, Dickinson College; Donald M. Fisher, Pennsylvania State University; James A. Spotila, Virginia Tech
2:45 PM
Abrupt Cessation of Subsidence and Initiation of Uplift on the Western Solomons and Central New Hebrides Forearcs: Possible Tectonic Mechanisms
F.W. Taylor, University of Texas at Austin; L. Lavier, University of Texas at Austin; C. Frohlich, University of Texas at Austin; C. Gallup, University of Minnesota Duluth; T. Carlson, University of Minnesota Duluth; N. Freiburger; G. Cabioch, Institut de Recherche pour le developpment
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Coastal Marine Terraces of Northern California: A Datum for Estimating Pleistocene Slip Rate across the Northern San Andreas Fault
Carol S. Prentice, US Geological Survey; Christopher J. Crosby, University of California, San Diego; Dorothy J. Merritts, Franklin and Marshall College; Tom W. Gardner, Trinity University
3:30 PM
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of San Andreas Fault-Driven Distributed Deformation near Point Arena, Mendocino County, California
Christopher J. Crosby, University of California, San Diego; Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University; Carol S. Prentice, US Geological Survey; Olaf Zielke, Arizona State University
3:45 PM
Comparative Rates of Uplift and Fluvial Erosion in the Santa Paula and Sespe Watersheds (Western Transverse Ranges), CA
Derek B. Booth, Stillwater Sciences and University of Washington; Pete W. Downs, Stillwater Sciences; Scott R. Dusterhoff, Stillwater Sciences; Glen T. Leverich, Stillwater Sciences
4:00 PM
The Palos Verdes and Coronado Bank Fault Zones, Inner Continental Borderland, Southern California - Do They Connect?
James E. Conrad, U.S. Geological Survey; Holly F. Ryan, U.S. Geological Survey; Charles K. Paull, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; David W. Caress, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; Ray W. Sliter, U.S. Geological Survey
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