636 Genetic Improvement of Soybean, Common Bean, and Peanut for Quality and Disease Resistance (includes Graduate Student Competition) (Posters)

Poster Session
C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #305
Response to Selection for Resistance to Common Bacterial Blight in Recurrent Backcrosses in Large-Seeded Andean Common Bean.
Robert Duncan, University of California, Davis; Shree Singh, Univ. of Idaho; Robert L. Gilbertson, Univ. of California, Davis
Poster #306
Resistance to Fusarium Wilt in Common Bean.
Jay Kalous, Colorado State University; Mark Brick, Colorado State Univ.; Patrick Byrne, Colorado State University; Barry Ogg, Colorado State University; Scott Reid, Colorado State University; Howard Schwartz, Colorado State University; James Kelly, Michigan State University
Poster #307
High Yielding Soybean Germplasm with Resistance to Multiple Populations of Cyst Nematode.
Prakash Arelli, USDA-ARS-MSA; Vincent Pantalone, University of Tennessee
Poster #308
Translating Genomic Information to 'Allen' Glyphosate Resistant Cultivar Development.
Vincent Pantalone, University of Tennessee; Deborah Ellis, University of Tennessee; Fred Allen, University of Tennessee
Poster #309
Evaluation of Response of Modern Soybean Cultivars in Arkansas to Soybean Mosaic Virus (SMV).
Ehsanollah Shakiba, Univ. of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas; Rose Gergerich, University of Arkansas
Poster #310
Temperature and Oleic Acid Seed Content: Correlation in Soybean Populations with Different Maturity Profiles.
Eleni Bachlava, North Carolina State University; Andrea Cardinal, North Carolina State Univ.
Poster #311
Variation in Lesion Characteristics, Densities and Sporulation Levels among Soybean Germplasm Accessions Resistant to Soybean Rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi).
David R. Walker, USDA-ARS Soybean/Maize Germplasm, Pathology and Genetics Research Unit; Margaret K. Pauls, USDA-ARS Soybean/Maize Germplasm, Pathology and Genetics Research Unit; David Wright, Univ. of Florida; James Marois, Univ. of Florida; Randall L. Nelson, USDA-ARS, Soybean/Maize Germplasm; Dario F. Narvaez, University of Florida
Poster #312
Molecular Mapping of Genetic Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode in SS97-6946.
Md Islam, University of Missouri; Tri Vuong, Univ. of Missouri; Henry Nguyen, Univ. of Missouri; James Shannon, University of Missouri; David Sleper, Univ. of Missouri
Poster #313
Combining Multiple Disease Resistances with Medium-Maturinty in Peanut.
C. Corley Holbrook, USDA-ARS; Albert K. Culbreath, Univ. of Georgia, Tifton Campus; T. B. Brenneman, University of Georgia Tifton Campus; Patricia Timper, USDA-ARS; Weibo Dong, Univ. of Georgia; Craig K. Kvien, Univ. of Georgia, Tifton Campus
Poster #314
Germplasm Screening for Resistance to Purple Seed Stain caused by Cercospora kikuchii in Soybean.
Julieta Alloatti, University of Arkansas; Leandro Mozzoni, University of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, Univ. of Arkansas
Poster #315
Effect of Planting Date on Spotted Wilt Expression in Differentially Susceptible Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivars.
Jorge Baldesarri, University of Florida; Barry Tillman, Univ. of Florida; Daniel Gorbet, University of Florida
Poster #316
Stability of Soluble Sugars in Soybean Seed Under Different Environments.
Sandra Florez-Palacios, University of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, Univ. of Arkansas
Poster #317
Genetic Control of Soybean Seed Isoflavone Content: Importance of Statistical Model and Epistasis in Complex Traits.
Juan Gutierrez, University of Missouri; Xiaolei Wu, University of Missouri; Juan Zhang, Danforth Plant Science Center; Mark Ellersieck, University of Missouri; Oliver Yu, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; James Shannon, University of Missouri; Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri; David Sleper, University of Missouri
Poster #318
Validation of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Seed Size, Protein and Sucrose Content in Soybean (Glycine max).
Luciano Jaureguy, University of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas; Andrew Scaboo, University of Arkansas
Poster #319
Efficiency of Marker Assisted Selection for Soybean Seed Sucrose Content.
Leandro Mozzoni, Univ. of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, Univ. of Arkansas
Poster #320
Use of Capillary Electrophoresis to Determine Oleic and Linoleic Acid Content of Peanut Seed.
Kelly Chenault, USDA-ARS; Yogita C. Bannore, Oklahoma State University; Ziad El Rassi, Oklahoma State University; Hassan A. Melouk, USDA-ARS
Poster #321
QTL Analysis for Identification of BPMV Resistance Genes in Soybean.
Jose Aponte-Rivera, University of Nebraska Lincoln; George Graef, University of Nebraska Lincoln; James Specht, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Ismail Dweikat, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Poster #322
Genetic and Environmental Parameters Affecting Natto Soybean.
David E. Cook, Virginia Tech; Katy Rainey, Virginia Tech
Poster #323
Associations of Soybean Seed Quality Attributes with Sensory Properties of Natto.
Yoko Yoshikawa, University of Arkansas; T. Kawashima, B.H.I.; Tetsuaki Ishibashi, University of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas