199 Symposium--Application of Soil Physics to Resolving Environmental Problems: Honoring the Impact of Martinus Th. Van Genuchten: III

Oral Session
S01 Soil Physics
Second part of the symposium
Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 9:55 AM-3:00 PM
Convention Center, Room 407, Fourth Floor

Peter Shouse and Todd Skaggs
9:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Scale Dependence of Intra-Granular Accessible Porosity, Diffusivity, and Tortuosity.
Robert Ewing, Iowa State Univ.; Qinhong Hu, Univ. of Texas, Arlington; Chongxuan Liu, Pacific Northwest National Lab.
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Cause and Effect Versus False Correlations in Subsurface Hydrochemistry.
Matthew Lenahan, CSIRO Land and Water and CRC for Irrigation Futures; Keith Bristow, CSIRO Land and Water and CRC for Irrigation Futures
11:45 AM
Salinity in a Humid, Coastal Region: Examples From the Netherlands.
Petrus Raats, Wageningen Univ. & Res. Centre
12:00 PM
12:15 PM
1:15 PM
Perspectives On Modeling Colloid Transport and Retention in Porous Media.
Scott Bradford, USDA-ARS; Saeed Torkzaban, Earth Sciences Division; Nobuo Toride, JAPAN, Saga Univ.; Feike J. Leij, California State Univ.; Jiri Simunek, Univ. of California, Riverside; Martinus van Genuchten, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ
1:30 PM
Foam-Delivery of Remedial Amendments Into the Vadose Zone: Foam Transport.
Fred Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Lab.; Lirong Zhong, Pacific Northwest National Lab.
1:45 PM
Reactive Plutonium (Pu) Transport in the Vaodse Zone: Interactions of Experiments, Soil Physics and Computer-Aided Thinking.
Fred Molz, Clemson Univ.; Deniz Demirkanli, Clemson Univ.; Shannon Thompson, Clemson Univ.; Robert Fjeld, Clemson Univ.; Daniel Kaplan, Savannah River Natl. Lab.
2:00 PM
Mobility of Radionuclides in the Smear Zone.
Thomas Nicholson, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Mark J. Fuhrmann, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2:15 PM
Global Change in Soil Hydrology and Rien Van Genuchten.
Yakov Pachepsky, USDA-ARS, BA-ANRI-EMSL
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
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