272 Biochar Use for Improving Environmental Quality: II

Poster Session
A05 Environmental Quality
Adding biochar to soils has been shown to increase crop yields for tropical soils. It is anticipated to do the same for temperate regions. Amending soils with biochar may improve soil quality because biochar can act as a liming agent, reduce bulk density, and improve soil nutrient status. Soil properties and processes influenced by biochar addition will be explored.

A05 Environmental Quality

Wednesday, November 4, 2009: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Second Floor

James Ippolito
Poster #217
Preliminary Evaluation of Coal- and Biomass-Derived Chars as Beneficial Soil Amendments.
Harry Edenborn, Natl. Energy Technology Lab, U.S. Dep. of Energy; Edgar Klunder, Natl. Energy Technology Lab, U.S. Dep. of Energy; Murphy Keller, Natl. Energy Technology Lab, U.S. Dep. of Energy; David Luebke, Natl. Energy Technology Lab, U.S. Dep. of Energy; Sherie Edenborn, Chatham Univ.
Poster #218
Lime and Fertilizer Value of Poultry Litter Ash.
Regina Lucas, West Virginia Univ.; Louis McDonald, West Virginia Univ.; Thomas Basden, West Virginia Univ.
Poster #219
Effects of Biochar On Soil Properties and Corn and Wheat Yield.
Jeffrey White, North Carolina State Univ.; Robert Walters, North Carolina State Univ.; Michael D. Boyette, North Carolina State Univ.
Poster #221
Biochar Effects On Fertilizer N and P Availability in Soil.
Sandra Agudelo-Arbelaez, Kansas State Univ.; Nathan Nelson, Kansas State Univ.; Jing Gan, Kansas State Univ.; Wenqiao Yuan, Kansas State Univ.
Poster #300
Effects of Biochar Addition On N2O and CO2 Fluxes From Three Agricultural Soils as Related to Water-Filled Pore Space.
Natalia Rogovska, Iowa State Univ.; Richard Cruse, Iowa State Univ.; David Laird, USDA-ARS, Natl. Soil Tilth Lab.; Timothy Parkin, USDA-ARS, Natl. Soil Tilth Lab.