210 Leaving Traces—Making Marks II: In Honor of H. Allen Curran

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351BE

Neil Tibert and Bosiljka Glumac
1:30 PM
Multifacted Examination of Carbonate Platform Deposits with Dinosaur Footprints: Upper Jurassic of Istria, Croatia
Bosiljka Glumac, Smith College; Blanka Cvetko Tesovic, University of Zagreb; Aleksandar Mezga, University of Zagreb
1:45 PM
Early Cretaceous Trace and Body Fossils In Australia Establish the Oldest Known Gondwanan Crayfish In Their Probable Place of Origin
Anthony J. Martin, Emory University; Thomas H. Rich, Museum of Victoria; Gary C.B. Poore, Museum of Victoria; Mark B. Schultz, Charles Darwin University; Christopher M. Austin, Charles Darwin University; Lesley Kool, Monash University; Patricia Vickers-Rich, Monash University
2:30 PM
The Spongeliomorpha Code: Deciphering the Bioglyph Inscriptions on the Walls of the Ancient Tunnels of Murcia
A.A. Ekdale, University of Utah; Jordi Maria de Gibert, Universitat de Barcelona
2:45 PM
Significance of Late Cenozoic Zoophycos in Antarctica
Molly F. Miller, Vanderbilt University; Ellen A. Cowan, Appalachian State University; Simon Harder Holm Nielsen, Florida State University
3:00 PM
Recent Sedimentation Patterns and Facies Distribution on the Waipaoa River Shelf, NZ
Lila Rose, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Steven Kuehl, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
3:15 PM
Revised Ichnopedofabric Indices That Semiquantitatively Analyzes the Degree of Pedogenic Modification: Recognizing the Effects of Subaerial Exposure on Continental and Marine Deposits
Stephen T. Hasiotis, University of Kansas; John W. Counts, University of Kansas; Mary J. Kraus, Univ. of Colorado; Jon J. Smith, Kansas Geological Survey
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