211 Foreland Basins: Their Tectonic Setting, Structural Geology, Sedimentology, and Economic Significance

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330A

Ibrahim Çemen , James Puckette and Darwin Boardman
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:50 PM
The Arkoma Foreland Basin, Oklahoma: Its Stratigraphy, Structural Development and Economic Significance
Ibrahim Çemen, Oklahoma State University; Surinder Sahai, Oklahoma State University; Marline Collins, Oklahoma State University; Gultekin Kaya, Oklahoma State University; Wahab Sadeqi, Oklahoma State University; Willie Walker, Oklahoma State University; James Puckette, Oklahoma State University; Darwin Boardman, Oklahoma State University
2:05 PM
Late Paleozoic (upper Mississippian) Organic-Rich Gas Shales of the North American Midcontinent
Darwin R. Boardman II, Oklahoma State University; Jim Puckette, Oklahoma State University; Ibrahim Çemen, Oklahoma State Univ
2:25 PM
Shelf-to-Basin Transect of Middle Paleozoic Organic-Rich Shales of the North American Midcontinent (Chattanooga, Woodford, Arkansas Novaculite)
James Puckette, Oklahoma State University; Darwin Boardman, Oklahoma State University; Ibrahim Çemen, Oklahoma State Univ
2:40 PM
The Spatial and Temporal Scales of Tectonic Accommodation In the Back-Bulge Zone of the Appalachian Foreland Basin during Alleghenian Deformation
Gregory C. Nadon, Ohio Univ; Jonathan Bachtel, Ohio University; Kelsey McNamara, Montana State University; R. Damian Nance, Ohio University
3:00 PM
Detrital History of Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation, Cahaba Basin, Alabama
Tara Peavy, Auburn University; Ashraf Uddin, Auburn University; Jack Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama; Willis Hames, Auburn University; Charles Savrda, Auburn University; Mark G. Steltenpohl, Auburn University
3:15 PM
3:45 PM
Syncline-Parallel, Thin-Skinned Detachment in Basement-Involved Foreland Structures: A New Mechanism for 3D Folding in the Rockies
Sara M. Smaltz, Colorado State University; Eric A. Erslev, Colorado State University
4:00 PM
The Influence of a Pre-Existing Late Jurassic Transtensional Basin on the Structure and Stratigraphy of a Cretaceous Foreland Basin: The East Potrillo Mountains, New Mexico
Patricia A. Campbell, Slippery Rock University; Thomas H. Anderson, University of Pittsburgh; Kristen A. Yetter, Slippery Rock University
4:15 PM
Dating the Tectonic Burial and Maturation of the Principal Source Rocks of the Alberta Tar Sands in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Edward E. Meyer, Dartmouth College; Paul H. Nadeau, StatoilHydro ASA; James L. Aronson, Dartmouth College; Cynthia L. Riediger, Univ of Calgary; Steven Hillier, Macaulay Institute; Barry Richards
5:00 PM
Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Geochronological Evidences of Evolution of the Eastern Himalayan Foreland Basins
Mohammad Wahidur Rahman, Auburn University; Ashraf Uddin, Auburn University
5:15 PM
Concluding Remarks
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