170 Strengthening Links between Metamorphic Conditions and Time: New Advances in High-Temperature Geochronology and Tracing P-T-t Paths of Metamorphic Terranes

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 310BE

Thomas J. Lapen , Andrew Kylander-Clark and Erik Scherer
1:30 PM
Rapid Loading and Heating to Granulite Facies in the Eastern Trans-Hudson Orogen, Manitoba, Canada
Martha Growdon, Indiana University Bloomington; John Percival, Geological Survey of Canada; Nicole Rayner, Geol Survey of Canada; Robert Wintsch, Indiana University Bloomington
1:45 PM
Mississippian Exhumation and Tilting of the Ashe Metamorphic Suite above the Fries Fault, NC: Evidence from Amphibole and Muscovite 40 Ar/39Ar Age Spectrum Dating Results
M. Rebecca Stokes, Indiana University; Michael J. Kunk, U.S. Geological Survey; Scott Southworth, U.S. Geological Survey; R.P. Wintsch, Indiana University
2:00 PM
Devonian-Carboniferous Evolution of the Bodonch Metamorphic Complex in Southwestern Mongolia and Its Implications for Reconstructing the Central Asian Orogenic System (CAOS)
Sara Cina, University of California, Los Angeles; An Yin, University of California, Los Angeles; Marty Grove, Stanford University; Batulzii Dash, Mongolian University of Science and Technology
2:15 PM
Numerical Experiments as a Guide to Rates of Metamorphic Processes
Barbara L. Dutrow, Louisiana State University; Carl W. Gable, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bryan J. Travis, Los Alamos National Laboratory; C. Thomas Foster, Univ. of Iowa
2:30 PM
Adding Rates to P-T Paths: High-Precision CA-TIMS from the Giant Norwegian Ultrahigh-Pressure Terrane
Andrew Kylander-Clark, UC, Santa Barbara; James M. Mattinson, Univ of California; Bradley R. Hacker, University of California
2:45 PM
Integrating Thermochronology with Thermobarometry to Resolve a Contradictory Metamorphic Gradient
Jessica A. Matthews, Indiana University; Robert Wintsch, Indiana University Bloomington
3:00 PM
Lithophile and Siderophile Element Systematics and Isotope Chronology Associated with Melt Depletion and Metasomatism of a Relict Peridotite
Thomas J. Lapen, University of Houston; Alan Brandon, NASA Johnson Space Center; L. Gordon Medaris Jr, Univ of Wisconsin
3:15 PM
The Strength of Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology: High Age Precision on Small Samples
Ethan F. Baxter, Boston University; Anthony D. Pollington, Boston University; Leah Y. Mehl, Boston University; Emily M. Peterman, University of California, Santa Barbara
3:30 PM
Two Metamorphic Events Recorded in Granulite Facies Rocks from the Winding Stair Gap, Central Blue Ridge
Aley K. El-Shazly, Marshall University; Clayton Loehn, Virginia Tech; Robert J. Tracy, Virginia Tech
3:45 PM
Origin and Metamorphism of Blueschist Blocks In the Franciscan Melange, San Simeon, California
Estibalitz Ukar, University of Texas at Austin; Mark Cloos, University of Texas at Austin
4:00 PM
Metamorphism and Normal Faulting in the Grand Forks Complex, Southeastern British Columbia
Joel F. Cubley, University of Calgary; David R.M. Pattison, University of Calgary
4:30 PM
Monazite as a Monitor of Melting, Garnet Growth, and Feldspar Recrystallization in Continental Lower Crust: Athabasca Granulite Terrane, Western Canadian Shield
Gregory Dumond, Univ of Massachusetts; Michael Williams, University of Massachusetts; Philippe Goncalves, Université de Franche-Comté; Michael Jercinovic, Univ of Massachusetts
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