171 Water-Rock Interaction on Mars: Spacecraft Data, Meteorites, Models, and Analogs

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 310AD

Allan H. Treiman , Bradley L. Jolliff and Susan Brantley
1:30 PM
Phyllosilicate and Hydrated Sulfate Deposits: Recorders of Water-Rock Interactions throughout Sinus Meridiani, Mars
Sandra M. Wiseman, Washington University in Saint Louis; Raymond E. Arvidson, Washington University in Saint Louis; Francois Poulet, Université Paris-Sud; Scott Murchie, Johns Hopkins University; Richard V. Morris, NASA Johnson Space Center; Frank P. Seelos, Johns Hopkins University; Jeff C. Andrews-Hanna, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:45 PM
Stratigraphy of Hydrated Sulfate Layers in Aram Chaos, Mars: Implications for Multiple Hydrologic Events
Kimberly Lichtenberg, Washington University in St. Louis; Raymond Arvidson, Washington University in St. Louis; Scott Murchie, 2Applied Physics Laboratory; John Mustard, Brown University; Eldar Noe Dobrea, California Institute of Technology/JPL; Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Leah Roach, Brown University
2:00 PM
Evidence for Ferrous Phosphates in Paso Robles Soils, Gusev Crater, Mars
Christian Schröder, NASA Johnson Space Center; Elisabeth M. Hausrath, NASA Johnson Space Center; D.C. Golden, NASA Johnson Space Center; Douglas Ming, NASA Johnson Space Center; Richard V. Morris, NASA Johnson Space Center; Göstar Klingelhöfer, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
2:15 PM
Mobility of Potassium in Martian Environment
Johannes Brueckner, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemie; Gerlind Dreibus, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemie; Reinhard Haubold, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemie; Ralf Gellert, University of Guelph; William V. Boynton, University of Arizona
2:30 PM
Assessing Chemical Weathering Trends Derived from Thermal IR Spectral Models: Implications for Chemical Weathering on Mars
E.B. Rampe, Arizona State University; M.D. Kraft, Arizona State University; T.G. Sharp, Arizona State University
2:45 PM
Geochemical Effects of Deep Permafrost Formation in the Canadian Shield and Mars
Randy Stotler, University of Waterloo; Shaun Frape, University of Waterloo; Timo Ruskeeniemi, Geological Survey of Finland; Tullis Onstott, Princeton University; Lisa Pratt, Dept. of Geological Sciences
3:00 PM
Secondary Minerals Formed by Impact-Generated Hydrothermal Systems on Mars – a Modeling Approach
Susanne P. Schwenzer, Lunar and Planetary Institute; David A. Kring, Lunar and Planetary Institute
3:30 PM
Aqueous Alteration of Olivine in Martian Meteorites at Microscopic Scales
K.E. Kuebler, Washington University; B.L. Jolliff, Washington University; A.H. Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute
3:45 PM
Occurrence of Jarosite In a Saline-Alkaline Paleo-Lake Deposit: Implications for Mars Aqueous Geochemistry
Lindsay J. McHenry, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee; Vincent F. Chevrier, University of Arkansas
4:00 PM
Jarosite, Hematite, and Smectite In the Aqueous Alteration Material of the Yamato-000593/794 Nakhlite (Martian Meteorite)
Allan H. Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute; Andrew Steele, Carnegie Institution of Washington
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