339 Field and Quantitative Paleontology, Micropaleontology, and Taxonomy: A Memorial to Roger L. Kaesler

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Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 320F

Julie B. Retrum and Stephen T. Hasiotis
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
A Treatise for the 21st Century
Paul A. Selden, University of Kansas
8:30 AM
Quantitative Calcareous Microfossil Diversity Fluctuations across the Eocene/Oligocene Boundary in Tanzania: A Comparison Between the Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Response
Bridget Wade, Texas A&M University; Tom Dunkley Jones, University College London; Paul Pearson, Cardiff University; Paul Bown, University College London
9:00 AM
Biodiversity of Modern Temperate to Subtropical Monothalamid Foraminifera
Susan T. Goldstein; Andrea Habura, NY State Department of Health; Samuel S. Bowser, Wadsworth Ctr
9:15 AM
9:30 AM
Effects of Different Data Types on Paleocommunity Analyses: A Case-Study from the Finis Shale (Pennsylvanian) of Texas
Frank L. Forcino, San Diego State University; Emily S. Stafford, San Diego State University; Jared J. Warner, San Diego State University; Tova S. Michlin, San Diego State University; Lauren M. Palazzolo, San Diego State University; Amelinda E. Webb, San Diego State University; Lindsey R. Leighton, San Diego State University; Chris L. Schneider, Colorado College; Jared R. Morrow, San Diego State University; Stephen A. Schellenberg, San Diego State University
10:15 AM
Western Interior Early Cretaceous Hiatus Likely to Be Much Shorter Than Previously Reported—New Biostratigraphic Results Derived from Nonmarine Ostracod Correlations
Benjamin Sames, Universität Wien; Michael E. Schudack, Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften; Richard L. Cifelli, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
10:30 AM
Diversification of the Ostracod Genus Cyprideis in Lake Pannon Triggered by Environmental Changes (Late Miocene, Austria)
Martin Gross, Landesmuseum Joanneum; Klaus Minati, University of Graz; Dan L. Danielopol, University of Graz; Werner E. Piller, University of Graz
10:45 AM
Ostracod Paleoecology and Reconstruction of Environmental Changes in the Laptev and Kara Seas during the Postglacial Transgression
Anna Stepanova, Paleontological Institute RAS; Ekaterina Taldenkova, Moscow State University; Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian, Texas A&M University; Henning Bauch, University of Kiel
11:15 AM
Backfilled Meniscate Burrows in Lower Permian (Wolfcampian) Paleosols, Council Grove Group, Western Kansas
John W. Counts, University of Kansas; Stephen T. Hasiotis, University of Kansas
11:30 AM
Foraminifera Used In the Construction of Miocene Polychaete Tubes, Monterey Formation, California, USA
Kenneth L. Finger, University of California; Megan M. Flenniken, Mount Holyoke College; Jere H. Lipps, University of California
11:45 AM
The Importance of Neoichnology to the Field of Micropaleontology – Roger Kaesler's Final Research Experiment
Julie B. Retrum, University of Kansas; Stephen T. Hasiotis, University of Kansas; Roger L. Kaesler, University of Kansas
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