340 Integrative Systematic Paleontology for a New Century: Advancing Evolutionary, Phylogenetic, Biogeographic, and Ecologic Theory with Specimen-Based Studies

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Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330B

Alycia L. Stigall and Jonathan Hendricks
8:15 AM
Specimens to Macroevolution to Specimens Again: Deciphering Macroevolutionary Trends
William I. Ausich, The Ohio State University; Thomas W. Kammer, West Virginia University
8:30 AM
Specimen-Based Research Results In Recognition of AN Explosive Radiation of Jurassic Brachyura (CRUSTACEA: DECAPODA)
Carrie E. Schweitzer, Kent State Univ Stark Campus; Rodney M. Feldmann, Kent State University
8:45 AM
The Role of Museum Collections in Specimen-Based Research and the Challenges for the Future
Jessica D. Cundiff, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
9:00 AM
Comparing Extinction Selectivity among Terebratulide Brachiopod Clades: Using Phylogenetic Methods to Test Macroevolutionary Hypotheses
Sandra J. Carlson, University of California, Davis; Paul C. Fitzgerald, Northern Virginia Community College
9:15 AM
Phylogenetic Reconstruction of a Freshwater Radiation: Corbulidae In the Miocene of Western Amazonia
Laurie C. Anderson, Louisiana State University; Frank P. Wesselingh, Naturalis; Joseph Hartman, University of North Dakota
9:30 AM
Fossil Specimens, Data Integration, and Phylogeny Reconstruction of Long-Lived, Modern Clades
Jonathan Hendricks, San José State University; Ursula Smith, Cornell University
9:45 AM
Eocene Insight into the Origins of Avian Biodiversity
Julia A. Clarke, North Carolina State University
10:15 AM
Preparation and Analysis of Mesoproterozoic Acritarch Ultrastructure: Novel Techniques In Focused Ion Beam Electron Microscopy
James D. Schiffbauer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Shuhai Xiao, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
11:15 AM
Studying Tempo and Mode in Evolutionary Radiations: An Integrated, Quantitive Approach
Francine R. Abe, University of Kansas; Bruce Lieberman, University of Kansas
11:30 AM
Assessing Intraspecific Variation in the Fossil Record: A Key to Understanding the Pace of Evolution
Kristin Polizzotto, American Museum of Natural History; Moishe Einhorn, American Museum of Natural History
11:45 AM
Naticid Predation and Community Structure in the Late Miocene of the Dominican Republic
Rachel Hertog, California Academy of Sciences; Peter D. Roopnarine, California Academy of Sciences
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