126 What Good Are (Fossil) Plants Anyway? New Methods for Investigating Old Problems

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351CF

Caroline A.E. Stromberg and Matthew J. Kohn
8:00 AM
The Taxon-Free Approach to Paleobotanical Meta Analysis
Walton A. Green, National Museum of Natural History
8:20 AM
Multiple Proxies Provide Paleoecology, Paleoclimate, and Paleolandscape Reconstructions for the Late Oligocene of Northwestern Ethiopia
Bonnie F. Jacobs, Southern Methodist University; Neil Tabor, Southern Methodist University; Aaron D. Pan, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History; Juan L. Garcia Massini, Southern Methodist University; Michael C. Wiemann, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
8:35 AM
Aquatic Plants of the Eocene Republic, Washington Flora and Their Significance to Interpreting Ancient Lacustrine Environments
Melanie L. Devore, Georgia College & State University; Kathleen B. Pigg, Arizona State University
9:05 AM
9:20 AM
Leaf-Wax Lipid Hydrogen Isotope Ratios as a Paleohydrologic Proxy: Environmental and Taxonomic Controls
Francesca A. Smith, Northwestern University; Katherine Freeman, Pennsylvania State Univ
9:40 AM
Paleoelevation Reconstruction of the Sierra Nevada from Compound-Specific Stable Isotopes of Fossil Leaves
Michael T. Hren, Yale University; Mark Pagani, Yale Univ; Mark Brandon, Yale Univ; Diane M. Erwin
9:55 AM
C4 Ecosystems in Montana Throughout the Neogene
Nathan D. Sheldon, University of Michigan
10:10 AM
Leaf Tissue Degradation and Impact on Isotopic Signals during Natural Decay of Metasequoia Glyptostroboides
Qin Leng, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology; Hong Yang, Bryant University
10:25 AM
New Limits for Combustion in Low Oxygen Redefine Paleoatmospheric Predictions for the Mesozoic
Claire M. Belcher, University College Dublin; Jennifer C. McElwain, University College Dublin
10:40 AM
10:55 AM
Digital Leaf Physiognomy: A Multivariate Technique for Reconstructing Climate from Fossil Leaves
Dana L. Royer, Wesleyan Univ; Daniel J. Peppe, Wesleyan Univ; Barbara Cariglino, Pennsylvania State Univ; Peter Wilf, Pennsylvania State Univ; Kirk Johnson, Denver Museum of Nature & Science; Ari Iglesias, Pennsylvania State Univ
11:15 AM
Some Like It Hot: The Correlation Between Temperature and Insect Herbivory during the Paleocene and Eocene in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA
Ellen D. Currano, Penn State; Conrad C. Labandeira, Smithsonian Institution; Peter Wilf, Pennsylvania State University; Scott L. Wing, Smithsonian Institution
11:30 AM
A Model for Assimilation and Transpiration In Extinct Plants
Jonathan P. Wilson, Harvard University
11:45 AM
Atmospheric CO2 through Oceanic Anoxic Event II, Late Cretaceous (94Ma)
Richard Barclay, Northwestern University; Jennifer C. McElwain, University College Dublin; Bradley B. Sageman, Northwestern University
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