125 Deep Time Earth Life Observatories (DETELOs): Focusing on Critical Transitions in the History of Life

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, General Assembly Theater Hall B

Lisa E. Park and David J. Bottjer
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Greening of the Late Precambrian Landscape
L. Paul Knauth, Arizona State University; Martin Kennedy, University of California, Riverside
8:45 AM
Evidence for Eutrophication in the >742±6 Ma Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, and Possible Implications for Neoproterozoic Glaciation
Robin M. Nagy, University of California at Santa Barbara; Susannah M. Porter, University of California at Santa Barbara; Carol M. Dehler, Utah State University; Yanan Shen, Université du Quebec a Montreal
9:00 AM
Late Ordovician Ocean Chemistry and Biological Evolution
Yanan Shen, University of Quebec at Montreal; Wieslaw Trela, Polish Geological Institute; Tonggang Zhang, University of Quebec at Montreal
9:15 AM
The Anticosti Project: Biosphere Collapse and Recovery during a Global Glacial Epoch
William I. Ausich, The Ohio State University; Leif Tapanila, Idaho State University; Jisuo Jin, University of Western Ontario; Paul Copper, Laurentian Univ
9:30 AM
First Recognition of Shallow Water, Low Oxygen Environments in the Devonian of the Canning Basin, Australia: Importance of the Givetian/Frasnian Mass Extinction
Kelly Hillbun, University of Washington; Peter D. Ward, University of Washington; Joe Kirschvink, California Institute of Technology; Roger Hocking
9:45 AM
Tracing the Biotic Response to Tropical Climate Change in An Evolving Ice House: A Pennsylvanian DETELO
Anne Raymond, Texas A&M University; Hallie Sims, University of Iowa; Lance L. Lambert, Univ of Texas at San Antonio; Franco Marcantonio, Texas A & M
10:00 AM
Late Paleozoic Ice Age DETELO: Integrating Paleontological, Sedimentological, and Geochemical Data to Investigate Faunal and Climate Change In Deep Time
Matthew E. Clapham, University of California, Santa Cruz; Christopher R. Fielding, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Tracy Frank, Univ of Nebraska; Isabel Montanez, Univ of California; Noel P. James, Queen's University
10:15 AM
Mantle Plumes and Phanerozoic Biological Crises: Application to the Permian – Triassic Boundary Mass Extinction
Ezat Heydari, Jackson State University; Nasser Arzani, University of Payame-Nour; Jamshid Hassanzadeh, Univ. of Tehran
10:30 AM
The Early Triassic Biotic Recovery: a multiproxy approach
Hugo Bucher, University of Zürich; Peter, A. Hochuli, University of Zurich; Gilles Escarguel, Université Lyon 1; Michael Hautmann, Universität Zürich; Nicolas Goudemand, University of Zurich; Thomas Brühwiler, University of Zurich; Arnaud Brayard, Université Toulouse, IRD, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées; Elke Hermann, University of Zurich; Thomas Galfetti, University of Zurich; David Ware, University of Zurich
10:45 AM
The Effects of Spatial Scale on Vegetation Dynamics across the Triassic – Jurassic Boundary in East Greenland
Luke Mander, University College Dublin; Jennifer C. McElwain, University College Dublin; Wolfram M. Kuerschner, Utrecht Univ; Stephen P. Hesselbo, Univ of Oxford
11:00 AM
Ecological Niche Modeling of Equids in the Great Plains during the Miocene
Kaitlin Clare Maguire, Ohio University; Alycia L. Stigall, Ohio University
11:15 AM
11:30 AM
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