550 Symposium --Training the Next Generation of Plant Breeders

Oral Session
C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Plant breeding has made incredible contributions to crop improvement for plant productivity and end-use traits. There is a critical need of training/educating plant breeders who can effectively utilize the wonderful developments in genetics and other related areas of science, as well as effectively phenotype plants under real plant environments for efficient crop improvement. This symposium will recognize the breadth of current training approaches, new initiatives, suggest most innovative and effective methodologies to prepare graduates for the future and engage industry collaborations in the education process, and explore plant breeding as a natural conduit between science and the public.
Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:25 AM-11:40 AM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 381BC

Herbert Ohm
8:25 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:30 AM
Plant Breeding; Critical Contributions to Life - Sustaining Our Food Supply.
Joseph Keaschall, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
9:05 AM
The 21st Century Plant Breeder.
H. Roger Boerma, University of Georgia
9:40 AM
10:15 AM
10:25 AM
University-Industry-Government Partnerships in Education: Training of Plant Breeders for Technical and Global Competence.
Audrey A. Trotman, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service; Julie Ho, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Elizabeth Earle, Cornell University
11:35 AM
Concluding Remarks
11:40 AM