578 Symposium --Black Carbon in Soils and Sediments: I. Classification, Formation, and Occurrence

Oral Session
S02 Soil Chemistry
Black carbon is a significant component of the organic matter fraction in soils and sediments. This symposium will bring humic chemists, geologists, geochemists, soil scientists, and environmental scientists together to report on the latest developments in black carbon research. Topics of interest include the chemical and physical properties, bioavailability, degradation, abundance, and stability of black carbon in soils or sediments; physical, chemical, and spectroscopic methods for distinguishing black carbon and biogenic humic materials; the impact of bio-char amendments on greenhouse gas emissions, soil/sediment properties, nutrient cycling, and agricultural productivity.
Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:25 AM-11:15 AM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 360C

James Amonette
8:25 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Hydrothermal Carbonization of Biomass:Black Carbons with Refined Structure without Coaling.
Markus Antonietti, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
10:45 AM
Black Carbon in Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests of Costa Rica.
Klaus Lorenz, The Ohio State University; Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University; Juan J. Jiménez, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología
11:00 AM
Soil Organic Matter Stabilization and Land-use Change in Tropical Ecosystems.
Joseph Kimetu, Cornell University; Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University; Solomon Ngoze, Cornell Univ.; Susan Riha, Cornell University; John Recha, Cornell University; Janice Thies, Cornell University; Alice Pell, Cornell University; Daniel N. Mugendi, Kenyatta Univ.; James M. Kinyangi, ILRI; Louis Verchot, World Agroforestry Center
11:15 AM
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