313 Management Impact On GHG Emissions and Soil C Sequestration: III

Poster Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality Far too little is known about how management influences soil organic carbon (SOC) accumulation and greenhouse gas emissions under a diversity of environmental conditions around the world. This session covers agronomic management impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and SOC sequestration.


Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Diane Stott
Diane E. Stott
Poster #608
Soil Particulate Organic Matter Response to Incorporation of Alfalfa Regrowth.
Robert B. Bauer, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Michael P. Russelle, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Ryan M. Maher, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Poster #609
Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Emission in Remediation Sites of Abandoned Metal Mine in Korea.
Jae Yang, Kangwon National University; Sung Chul Kim, Kangwon National University; Tae Ho Park, Kangwon National University; Sang Phil Lee, Kangwon National University
Poster #610
Nitrous Oxide Emissions From a No-till Corn-Soybean Rotation Comparing N Fertilization and Cover Cropping Treatments.
David C. Mitchell, Iowa State University; Michael J. Castellano, Iowa State University; John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University; Fernando Miguez, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University; Jose L. Pantoja, Iowa State University
Poster #611
Soil-Profile Organic Carbon Stock Changes with Increased Cropping Intensity and Reduced Tillage.
Hero Gollany, USDA-ARS; Ronald Follett, USDA-ARS; Robert Polumsky, USDA-ARS
Poster #612
Rapid Assessment of Carbon Sequestration In Southern Plains No-till Management.
Jason Warren, Oklahoma State University; Tracy Wilson, Oklahoma State University; Chad Godsey, Oklahoma State University
Poster #613
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Western Canadian Agricultural Soils Under Long Term No till Management After Tillage Reversal.
Manjila Shahidi, University of Alberta; Miles Dyck, University of Alberta; Sukdhev Malhi, Agriculture Canada
Poster #614
GHG Implications of Soil Amendment with Biofuel Rest Products: A 13c / 15n Tracer Study.
Maria Luz Cayuela, CEBAS-CSIC; Socrates Schouten, Leiden University; Jan Willem van Groenigen, Wageningen University & Research Centre
Poster #615
The Potential for Carbon Sequestration: The Case of Organic Grain Farming Systems in the Midwestern United States.
Carmen M. Ugarte, University of Illinois; Michelle M. Wander, University of Illinois
Poster #616
Poster #617
Yusmary Espinoza, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agricolas; Lesly Malpica, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agricolas
Poster #618
Greenhouse Gas Fluxes From Upper Midwest Corn As Mediated by Rotation.
Michael Lehman, USDA-ARS; Shannon Osborne, USDA-ARS
Poster #619
Effect of Crop Residue Removal On Soil Carbon In North American Great Plains.
Ward Smith, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Brian Grant, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Constantine Campbell, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Brian McConkey, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Raymond Desjardins, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Roland Kroebel, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Sukdhev Malhi, Agriculture Canada
Poster #620
Calculating the Detection Limits of Chamber-Based Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements.
Timothy Parkin, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment; Rodney Venterea, USDA-ARS Soil & Water Management Research Unit; Sarah K. Hargreaves, Iowa State University
Poster #621
Increase of CH4 Emission In No-Tillage Paddy Soil During Rice Cultivation.
Sang Yoon Kim, Gyeongsang National University; Jessie Gutierrez, Gyeongsang National University; Pil Kim, Gyeongsang National University
Poster #622
Estimating Greenhouse Gas Fluxes by Gas Chromatography and the Photoacoustic Infrared Detection System.
Agnes Padre, IRRI; Jagdish Ladha, IRRI; Munmun Rai, IRRI; Mahesh Gathala, IRRI; Sheetal Sharma, IRRI
Poster #623
Soil and Plant Nitrogen Budgets and Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Legume Crops In the Northern High Plains.
Brekke Peterson, University of Wyoming; Urszula Norton, University of Wyoming; James Krall, University of Wyoming
Poster #624
Distribution of Carbon and Nitrogen In Physically and Chemically Defined Soil Organic Matter Pools In Different Ecosystems Across Europe.
Karolien Denef, Colorado State University; Ilaria Del Galdo, Second University of Naples; Andrea Venturi, Second University of Naples; M. Francesca Cotrufo, Colorado State University
Poster #625
The Globals Research Alliance On Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.
Nancy Cavallaro, USDA-NIFA; Alan Franzluebbers, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Charles W. Rice, Kansas State University; Lewis H. Ziska, USDA Agricultural research Service; Steven R. Shafer, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Richard Hegg, USDA-NIFA; Charlie L. Walthall, USDA-Agricultural Research Service
Poster #626
Modeling of Management Impacts On Carbon Dynamics In Orchards and Vineyards In the U.S.
Amy Swan, Colorado State University; Jorge Alvaro-Fuentes, EstaciĆ³n Experimental de Aula Dei (CSIC); Keith Paustian, Colorado State University; Kendrick Killian, Colorado State University