188 Organic Management Systems Community: II (Includes Graduate Student Competition)

Poster Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems The session from the Organic Management Systems Community includes a variety of volunteered research posters in the general area of organic management systems. The Graduate Student Poster Competition is included.


Organic Management Systems
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Ann-Marie Fortuna
Ann-Marie Fortuna
Poster #532
Effects of Cover Cropping In Organic Systems Including Organic No-till.
Daniel E. Cwach, Iowa State University; Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University; Michael D. Duffy, Iowa State University; Cynthia Cambardella, USDA-ARS
Poster #533
Organic Grain Amaranth Production In Kamuli District, Uganda.
Michael W. Graham, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University; Lee Burras, Iowa State University; David Brenner, Iowa State University; Robert E. Mazur, Iowa State University; Moses M. Tenywa, Makerere University; Dorothy Nakimbugwe, Makerere University
Poster #534
Greenhouse Gas Emission and Crop Productivity From the Contrasting Management Approaches In Dryland Winter Wheat-Fallow of the Northern High Plains.
Prakriti Bista Ghimire, University of Wyoming; Urszula Norton, University of Wyoming; Jay Norton, University of Wyoming
Poster #535
Soybean and Corn Growth As Influenced by Methods for Controlling Previous Cover Crop, Including Winter Kill, Flaming, Disking, and Crimping.
David Glett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Charles Shapiro, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Stevan Knezevic, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Elizabeth Sarno, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Michael Mainz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Lynn Junck, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Poster #536
Poster #537
Summer Annual Crop Mixtures for Weed Suppression and Biomass Production.
Stephanie Wedryk, The Ohio State University; John Cardina, The Ohio State University - OARDC
Poster #538
Phosphorus Availability In Organic Dairy Farm Soils: A Closer Look At the Role of Soil Biology.
Kim D. Schneider, University of Guelph; Paul Voroney, University of Guelph; Derek H. Lynch, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Kari E. Dunfield, University of Guelph; Michael Main, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Chantal Hamel, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Ivan O'Halloran, University of Guelph
Poster #539
Hammer Time: a Social Center and Community Garden Case Study.
Karen E. Snider, Colorado State University; Mary Stromberger, Colorado State University
Poster #540
Evaluating Cover Crops for Weed Suppression In Organic Hopyards.
Samuel Turner, Washington State University; Kevin Murphy, Washington State University
Poster #541
eOrganic: Organic Agriculture for eXtension. What It Is, Evaluation Data, and How to Get Involved.
Alexandra Stone, Oregon State University; Michelle M. Wander, University of Illinois; Heather Darby, University of Vermont; Alice Formiga, Oregon State University - Horticulture
Poster #542
Compost and Soil Quality: Residual Impacts of Five Years of Application.
Erica Fitzsimmons, West Virginia University; Eugenia Pena-Yewtukhiw, West Virginia University; Louis McDonald, West Virginia University
Poster #544
Evaluation of Organic Forage Production Systems for the Southeast.
David M. Butler, University of Tennessee; Gary E. Bates, University of Tennessee; Joseph Beeler, University of Tennessee; Sarah Eichler-Inwood, University of Tennessee
Poster #545
Establishing the e-Organic Grain Cropping Systems Community of Practice.
Betty H. Marose, USDA-ARS; Michel Cavigelli, USDA-ARS; John Spargo, USDA-ARS; Steven Mirsky, USDA-ARS; Jude Maul, USDA-ARS; John Teasdale, USDA-ARS
Poster #546
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics In Organic Crop Production of the Northern High Plains Ecoregion, Wyoming and Nebraska.
Prakriti Bista Ghimire, University of Wyoming; Urszula Norton, University of Wyoming; Jay Norton, University of Wyoming
Poster #547
Responses of Wheat Genotypes to Phosphorus In Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems In the Pacific Northwest.
Julia L. Piaskowski, Washington State University; Chris Hoagland, Purdue University; Kimberly Garland-Campbell, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Poster #548
Effect of Mulches On Soil Nutrient Availability and Microbial Biomass Under Organic Vegetable Production.
Regine Mankolo, Alabama A&M University; Leopold Nyochembeng, Alabama A&M University; Rao Mentreddy, Alabama A&M University
Poster #549
Poster #550
On-Farm Farmer Research for Organic Production In Nebraska.
Elizabeth Sarno, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Charles Wortmann, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Charles Shapiro, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; James Schneider, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Douglas Anderson, University Nebraska - Lincoln; Mark Hinze, University of Nebraska - Lincoln