34 National Student Research Symposium Poster Contest

Poster Session
Z00 Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences (SASES) this contest develops the ability of students to conduct research and competitively present those research findings to judges in San Antonio.


Z00 Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences (SASES)
Monday, October 17, 2011: 9:30 AM-11:00 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Justin Moss
Peter Van Dyk and Miranda Ganci
Poster #100
Efficacy of OptimumŽ Intrasect™ Maize Hybrids Against Southern Lepidopteran Pests.
Matthew McKinnon, University of Tennessee at Martin; Jarrod T. Hardke, Pioneer Hi-Bred; Robert L. Rorie, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Poster #101
Mitigating Stormwater Runoff Using Rain Garden: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dyanmics.
Lucas Rosen, University of Wisconsin- River Falls Crops & Soils Club; Holly Dolliver, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Nicholas Balster, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mallika A. Nocco, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster #102
Soybean Variety Trials for Determining Viability of Growing Soybeans In Southeast Idaho.
Joseph Davis, Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI); Kevin Anderson, Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI)
Poster #104
Using the NLEAP Model to Quantify the Amount and Depth of Leached Nitrogen.
Greg McKee, Wesley College; Bruce Allison, Wesley College
Poster #105
Estimating Long-Term Compost Application Effects on Active Soil Carbon with 24-Hour Basal Respiration.
Katrina McCann, Pacific Lutheran University; Douglas Collins, Washington State University; Craig Cogger, Washington State University; Andy Bary, Washington State University
Poster #106
Field-Scale Adaption of a Process-Based Index Model for Landscape Vulnerability to Surface and Ground Water Contamination.
Atefeh Hosseini, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Maribeth Milner, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Bob Lerch, USDA-ARS; Mark Bernards, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Patrick Shea, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Poster #107
A Water Quality Assessment of Nontidal Streams In the Sassafras River Watershed.
Taylor Hendricks, Wesley College; Bruce Allison, Wesley College
Poster #108
Poster #109
Plant Density and Equidistant Spacing Effects on Tuber Yield and Size in Red Norland Potatoes.
Chloe Mauerman, BYU-Idaho; Matt Taylor, BYU-Idaho; Blake Willis, Brigham Young University - BYU; Jared D. Williams, Brigham Young University-Idaho
Poster #110
Nitrogen Use Efficiency In Winter Wheat Varieties.
Bryson J. Haverkamp, Kansas State University; Nathan Nelson, Kansas State University; Allan Fritz, Kansas State University
Poster #111
Using a Simple Rhizotron for Observing Fertilizer Affects On Root Development.
Luke Thurgood, Brigham Young University - Rexburg, ID; Caitlin Brown, Brigham Young University-Idaho; Jared D. Williams, Brigham Young University-Idaho
Poster #112
Comparing Chlorophyll Meter Readings to Petiole Nitrogen for Potatoes.
Rachelle Tolman, Brigham Young University-Idaho; Caitlin Brown, Brigham Young University - Rexburg, ID; Jared D. Williams, Brigham Young University-Idaho
Poster #113
Poster #114
Orphan African Crops Research In Minnesota.
Tiffanie F. Stone, University of Minnesota
Poster #115
Soil Organic Matter Fractions Associated with Undisturbed and Disturbed Ecosystems.
John McKinney, Murray State Agronomy Club; Iin Handayani, Murray State University
Poster #116
Assessing Soil Aggregation In Urban Gardens and Modern Agricultural Land Management Practices.
Katie M. LeBlanc, Murray State University; Iin Handayani, Murray State University
Poster #117
Poster #118
Poster #119
Integrated Moisture Index Modeling Using GIS.
Na-Asia Ellis, Alabama A&M University
Poster #120
Reniform Nemotode Analysis.
Aisha Hunt, Alabama A&M University
Poster #123
Poster #124
The Role of Brassica Rapa FLC Genes In Flowering Time.
India Brown, Fort Valley State University
Poster #125
Combining Genes for Pre-Harvest Sprout Resistance In White Wheat.
Kirsten L. Thomas, Purdue University Agronomy Club; Herbert Ohm, Purdue University