212 Gypsum Use: Impact On Agricultural Productivity and Soil/Water Quality

Poster Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality This session is for abstracts on the agronomic response of gypsum.


By-product Gypsum Uses in Agriculture
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Dexter Watts
Dexter B. Watts
Poster #650
Short-Term Impacts of FGD Gypsum On Soil Properties.
Meghan Buckley, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Richard Wolkowski, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster #651
Poster #700
Evaluation of Environmental Benefits of Application of FGD-Gypsum to Agricultural Fields: Runoff, P and K.
Dinku Endale, USDA-ARS; Harry Schomberg, USDA-ARS; Dwight Fisher, USDA-ARS; Dory Franklin, USDA-ARS; Michael Jenkins, USDA-ARS
Poster #701
Evaluation of FGD-Gypsum to Reduce Mercury, Copper, Manganese, and Arsenic In Runoff From Grasslands Fertilized with Broiler Litter.
Dorcas H. Franklin, USDA, ARS; Harry Schomberg, USDA-ARS; Dwight Fisher, USDA, ARS; Dinku Endale, USDA, ARS; Michael Jenkins, USDA, ARS
Poster #702
Impact of Gypsum on Yield and Tuber Rot for White Potatoes in the Mid-Atlantic.
Mark S. Reiter, Virginia Tech; Catherine Fleming, Virginia Tech; Steve Rideout, Virginia Tech; Josh Freeman, Virginia Tech
Poster #703
FGD Gypsum Effects On Soil Water Use and Yield of Cotton.
Ryan Blair, University of Tennessee; Donald Tyler, Unversity of Tennessee; Michael Essington, University of Tennessee; Jessica Ottinger, University of Tennessee
Poster #705
Potential Benefits From the Land Application of Gypsum to Mid South Soils.
Leonel Espinoza, University of Arkansas; Mukhammadzakhrab Ismanov, University of Arkansas; Ballantyne Paul, University of Arkansas