75 Gypsum Use: Effects On Agricultural Productivity and Soil/Water Quality

Oral Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality This session will include abstracts on the effects of gypsum to agricultural productivity and soil/water quality.


Environmental Quality
By-product Gypsum Uses in Agriculture
Monday, October 17, 2011: 9:15 AM-11:50 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 214A

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Dexter Watts
Dexter B. Watts
9:20 AM
9:35 AM
Practical Applications of Agricultural Gypsum to Improve Soil and Water Quality.
Ronald Chamberlain, Gypsoil Division of Beneficial Reuse Management
9:50 AM
Field Studies On the Use of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum In Agriculture.
L. Darrell Norton, USDA0Agricultural Research Service; Warren Dick, The Ohio State University; David Kost, The Ohio State University
10:05 AM
Filtering Dissolved Phosphorus From Drainage Waters Using Synthetic Gypsum: Water Quality Impacts.
Ray Bryant, USDA-ARS-Pasture Systems & Watershed Management; Anthony Buda, USDA-ARS; Peter Kleinman, USDA-ARS; Clinton Church, USDA-ARS; Salil Bose, Constellation Energy; Arthur Allen, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
10:20 AM
Use of Industry by-Product Gypsum to Reduce Soluble P In Soil.
Dexter B. Watts, USDA-ARS; H. Allen Torbert, USDA-ARS
10:35 AM
11:05 AM
11:20 AM
Impact of FGD Gypsum On Bermudagrass In Coastal Plain Soil.
Dexter B. Watts, USDA-ARS; H. Allen Torbert, USDA-ARS
11:35 AM
The Potential for FGD Gypsum Use In Alabama.
Charles Mitchell, Auburn University; Dexter B. Watts, USDA-ARS; Francisco A. Arriaga, USDA-ARS
11:50 AM