250 General Soil Biology & Biochemistry: I

Oral Session
S03 Soil Biology & Biochemistry General Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 8:30 AM-11:35 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 216B

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Thomas Moorman
Stuart Grandy
8:35 AM
Relationships Between Plant Diversity and Soil Ecosystem Health and Function In Agricultural Systems.
Stuart Grandy, University of New Hampshire; Heli Juottonen, Michigan State University; Brendan O'Neill, Michigan State University; Tom Schmidt, Michigan State University
8:50 AM
Quantifying Soil Protein In the Context of Soil Quality Assessment.
Daniel Moebius-Clune, Cornell University; Bianca Moebius-Clune, Cornell University; Harold van Es, Cornell University-Crop & Soil Sciences; Janice Thies, Cornell University
9:05 AM
pH Controls Over Anaerobic Carbon Mineralization to CO2 and CH4 in Peatlands Across An Ombrotrophic-Minerotrophic Gradient.
Rongzhong Ye, University of Oregon; Qusheng Jin, University of Oregon; Brendan Bohannan, University of Oregon; Scott Bridgham, University of Oregon
9:20 AM
Aggregate Stratification Assessment of Soil Bacterial Communities and Organic Matter Composition: Coupling Pyrosequencing and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy Techniques.
Marko Davinic, Texas Tech University; Lisa M. Fultz, Texas Tech University; Veronica Acosta-Martinez, USDA-ARS; Francisco Calderon, USDA-ARS; Vivien Allen, Texas Tech University; Scot E. Dowd, Research and Testing Laboratory; Jennifer Moore-Kucera, Texas Tech University
9:50 AM
10:05 AM
Arsenic-Resistant Bacteria Solubilized Fe and Enhanced Plant Growth of Arsenic-Hyperaccumulator Pteris Vittata L.
Piyasa Ghosh, University of Florida; Bala Rathinasabapathi, University of Florida; Lena Ma, Unversity of Florida
10:20 AM
Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms From Tropical Soil and Their Ability to Enhance Nutrient Uptake In Rice.
Stella Asuming-Brempong, Dow AgroSciences (on Sabbatical Leave); Mark Abekoe, University of Ghana
10:35 AM
Genetic Diversity of Rhizobium Leguminosarum From Pea Fields In Washington State.
Rita Abi-Ghanem, Washington State University; Jeffrey Smith, USDA-ARS; George Vandemark, USDA-ARS Grain Legume Genetics and Physiology Unit
10:50 AM
Population Diversity of Trichoderma Spp. In Relation to Soil Types.
D. Rekha, University of Agricultural Sciences - College of Agriculture; Mahantesh Patil, University of Agricultural Sciences - College of Agriculture; N.K. Naik, University of Agricultural Sciences - College of Agriculture; M. Bheemanna, University of Agricultural Sciences; M.V. Ravi, University of Agricultural Sciences - College of Agriculture; Y.S. Amaresh, University of Agricultural Sciences - College of Agriculture
11:05 AM
11:20 AM
Soil Fungal Suppression Effects On Biophysical Properties Involved In Carbon Dynamics.
Priscilla M. Mfombep, Kansas State University; Charles W. Rice, Kansas State University; Paul White, USDA-ARS; Gail W. Wilson, Oklahoma State University; Timothy Todd, Kansas State University
11:35 AM