247 General Soil Chemistry: II

Poster Session
S02 Soil Chemistry General Soil Chemistry
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Poster #118
Poster #119
Metal Selectivity by Clay Minerals Using HSAB Principle.
Yan Ling Liang, University of California-Davis; William Horwath, University of California-Davis
Poster #120
Determination of the Effect of pH On Exchangeable and Soluble Na+, K+, Mg2+, and Ca2+ for Seven Horizons In a Dry Pond Soil, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.
John Turley, Thompson Rivers University; Kent Watson, Thompson Rivers University; Bruno Cinel, Thompson Rivers University; Sharon Brewer, Thompson Rivers University
Poster #121
Influences of the Peat Soils Carbonized At Different Temperatures On the Concentrations of Dissolved Organic Carbons.
Kai Yue Chen, National Chung Hsing University; Yu-Min Tzou, National Chung Hsing University
Poster #122
The Effects of Iron Plaque On Uptake and Accumulation of Cadmium by Four Rice Cultivars Grown In Solution Culture.
Chien-Hui Syu, National Taiwan University; Dar-Yuan Lee, National Taiwan University
Poster #123
Distribution of Fe and Al Forms In Soufriere Hills Volcanic Ash and Volcanic Ash-Derived Soil.
Kamala Bhat, Alabama A&M University; Thilini Ranatunga, Alabama A&M University; Robert Taylor, Alabama A&M University; Zachary Senwo, Alabama A&M University
Poster #124
Veterinary Antibiotic Sorption and Transport Through Agroforestry Buffer, Grass Buffer and Cropland Soils.
Bei Chu, University of Missouri; Keith W. Goyne, University of Missouri; Stephen Anderson, Univ. of Missouri; Chung-Ho Lin, University of Missouri; Robert Lerch, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit
Poster #125
The Effect of Surfactants On Cryptosporidium Parvum Sorption to Soil.
Astrid Jacobson, Utah State University; David Powelson, Utah State University; Emre Kokren, University of Illinois; Christophe J. Darnault, University of Illinois
Poster #126
Soil Organic Matter In Forest Soils Subjected to Prescribed Burning and Thinning Treatments.
Thilini D. Ranatunga, Alabama A&M University; Kamala Bhat, Alabama A&M University
Poster #127
Confirmation of the Nanopore Inner-Sphere Enhancement (NISE) Effect Using NMR Spectroscopy and Calorimetry.
Daniel R. Ferreira, University of Connecticut; Cristian P. Schulthess, University of Connecticut
Poster #128
Soil Lignin Phenolics: Comparison of the CuO Oxidation Vs. the Ester- and Ether-Linked Phenolics Methods.
Javier M. Gonzalez, USDA-ARS; James P. S. Neel, USDA-ARS; J. Diane Snuffer, USDA-ARS
Poster #129
Anion Exchange Characteristics In a Loess Soil.
Jessica L. Ottinger, University of Tennessee; Donald Tyler, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Michael Essington, University of Tennessee
Poster #130
Anion Exclusion On Transport In Columns of Variable Charged Minerals Using the Frequency Domain Approach.
Xiufu Shuai, Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Russell Yost, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Poster #131
Climate Change Effect On Soil Biogeochemistry.
Samuel Fashu-Kanu, Syracuse University
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