256 General Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition: II

Poster Session
S04 Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition Poster session for members interested in the topic who prefer the poster format


Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition, Soil & Water Management & Conservation, Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 1:20 PM-3:20 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Merle Vigil
Poster #133
Effect of Lime and Annual Application of Phosphorus and Potassium On Soybean Yield and Soil Fertility Indices of An Acid Mississippi Silty Upland Soil.
Marilyn Dalen, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Brenda Tubana, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AGCENTER; Donald Boquet, LSU Agricultural Center - Northeast Research Station; Yumiko Kanke, Louisiana State University; Josh Lofton, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AGCENTER; Jim Wang, Louisiana State University
Poster #134
Fernanda de Fátima da Silva, FZEA - USP; Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira Luz, FZEA - USP; Liliane Maria Romualdo, FZEA - USP; Valdo Rodrigues Herling, FZEA - USP; Mario Antonio Marin, FZEA - USP; Odemir Martinez Bruno, IFSC - USP; Alvaro Gómez Zúñiga, IFSC - USP
Poster #135
Sensitivity of the Chlorophyll Indirect Measurement In Fertigated Sweet Orange Trees.
Roberto Villas Bôas, Universidade Estadual Paulista - Unesp; Thais Regina de Souza, Instituto Agronômico - IAC; Leandro Caixeta Salomão, Universidade Estadual Paulista - Unesp; José Antônio Quaggio, Instituto Agronômico - IAC; Thomas Fiore de Andrade, Universidade Estadual Paulista - Unesp
Poster #136
Integrated Soil Fertility Management: Effects On Soil C and N Stabilization.
Roberta Gentile, University of California, Davis; Bernard Vanlauwe, Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility, CIAT; Johan Six, University of California, Davis
Poster #137
Residual Effect of Synthetic Zn Chelates On the Availability of This Metal In Different Soils Under Waterlogged Conditions.
Patricia Almendros, ETSI Agrónomos. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Demetrio González, ETSI Agrónomos. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; José Manuel Alvarez, ETSI Agrónomos. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Poster #138
Poster #139
Liming Effects On Soils Cultivated with Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Under Greenhouse Conditions In Brazil.
Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira Luz, FZEA - USP; Liliane Maria Romualdo, FZEA - USP; Valdo Rodrigues Herling, FZEA - USP; Fernanda de Fátima da Silva, FZEA - USP; Máyra Martins Teixeira, ESALQ - USP
Poster #140
The Influence of Strata On the Nutrient Recycling within a Tropical Certified Organic Coffee Production System.
Francisco Mamani Pati, South Dakota State University; David Clay, South Dakota State University; Sharon Clay, South Dakota State University; Hugh Smeltekop, Bolivian Catholic University, UAC Carmen Pampa
Poster #141
Poultry Litter Time and Method of Application Effects on Corn Yield.
Marcia Jn-Baptiste, USDA-ARS; Karamat Sistani, USDA-ARS; Haile Tewolde, Genetics & Precision Ag Research Unit, USDA-ARS
Poster #142
Effect of Seed-Placed Sulfate and Phosphate On the Emergence of Brassicae Crops.
Cory Fatteicher, University of Saskatchewan; Ron Urton, University of Saskatchewan; Peiyuan Qian, University of Saskatchewan; Thomas King, University of Saskatchewan; Jeffrey Schoenau, University of Saskatchewan; Cynthia Grant, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Poster #143
Growth of Tropical Legume Cover Crops As Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilization and Rhizobia.
Nand K. Fageria, National Rice & Bean Research Center of Embrapa; Enderson P. B. Ferreira, National Rice & Bean Research Center of Embrapa; Virupax C. Baligar, USDA-ARS; Adriano M Knupp, National Rice & Bean Research Center of Embrapa
Poster #144
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Requirement of Teff Grown Under Dryland Production Systems of South Central USA.
Kefyalew Girma, Oklahoma State University; Michael Reinert, Oklahoma State University; Apurba Sutradhar, Oklahoma State University; Muaid Ali, Oklahoma State University; Yesuf Mohammed, Oklahoma State University; Jagadeesh Mosali, The samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Poster #145
Effect of Supplemental Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization On Yield and Fruit Quality of ‘Sensation' and ‘Tommy Atkins' Mango (Mangifera indica L.).
Abdullah AlMasbahi , Saudi Basic Industries Corporation; Khalid Al-Rohily, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation; Hassan Al-Sarhan, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation; Abdelaziz Abdelgadir, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation; Rashid Al-Obeed, College of Foods and Agriculture; Mongi Zekri, University of Florida
Poster #146
Silicon In Aluminum Tolerance In Plants of Upland Rice.
Dirceu Fernandes, FCA - UNESP; Lucas Freitas, FCA - UNESP; Suelen Maia, FCA - UNESP
Poster #148
Use of Portable Chlorophyll Meter to Determination of Common Bean Cultivars Sidedressing Nitrogen Fertilization.
Suelen Maia, FCA - UNESP; Rogerio Soratto, FCA - UNESP; Lucas Freitas, FCA - UNESP; Adriana Almeida, FCA - UNESP
Poster #149
Influence of Sewage Sludge Application On Growth of Atlantic Forest Species.
Thalita F. Sampaio, São Paulo State University; Irae Guerrini, UNESP; Julio C. Bogiani, Embrapa Algodão; Fernando C. Oliveira Sr., Companhia de Saneamento de Jundiaí
Poster #150
Soil Potassium Dynamics In Mollisolls of the Argentine Pampas.
Adrian Correndo, IPNI; Ignacio Ciampitti, Purdue University; Gerardo Rubio, Faculty of Agronomy (UBA); Fernando Garcia, International Plant Nutrition Institute Americas Group
Poster #151
Biochemical Changes In Brachiaria Plants As a Function of Silicon Application and Water Stress.
Marcella L. Menegale, São Paulo State University; Leonardo Büll, São Paulo State University; Joao C Cury Saad, São Paulo State University; Fernando Broetto, São Paulo State University; Guilherme Ferreira, São Paulo State University
Poster #200
N Uptake In the Ornamental Plants In South Florida Related with Nitrogen Release Patterns Measured with Three Different Methods.
Xiaohui Fan, University of Florida; Henry Mayer, UF Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension Service; Yuncong Li, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida
Poster #201
Compost Laboratory Titration to Predict Compost Response to Elemental S.
Ryan Costello, Oregon State University; Shannon B. Andrews, Oregon State University; Dan M. Sullivan, Oregon State University
Poster #202
Fertilizer Potassium to Replace Plant Potassium Removal In Burley Tobacco.
Greg Hoyt, North Carolina State University; Ronald Gehl, North Carolina State University
Poster #203
Comparing Aluminosilicates Adsorption Capacity of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
Alberto Bernardi, Embrapa Pecuaria Sudeste; Gilberto B. Souza, Embrapa Pecuaria Sudeste; Larissa Silva, UFSCar; Marta Fujita, UFSCar; Elaine Pereira, UFSCar; Caue Ribeiro, Embrapa Instrumentacao Agropecuaria