371 Bioenergy Crops and Their Impacts On Crop Production, Soil and Environmental Quality: I

Oral Session
S06 Soil & Water Management & Conservation This technical session will focus on the implications of growing energy crops (e.g., feedstocks for cellulosic ethanol production) on soil and water quality, carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, grain and biomass production, and the projected global climate change. This session will comprise presentations about crop residual removal and alternative biofuel feedstock sources including warm season grasses, short-rotation woody crops, high-biomass producing cropping systems (e.g., intensive rotations, cover crops, and forage sorghum), and others. It will also emphasize on the potential of growing energy crops in marginal or degraded lands including former Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands.
Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 8:25 AM-11:35 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 206B

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Humberto Blanco
Humberto Blanco
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
The Potential of Corn Stover Feedstock for Biofuel Production In Relation to Baseline Soil Organic Carbon Levels.
Zhengxi Tan, ARTS at USGS EROS Center; Shuguang Liu, USGS EROS Center; Larry L. Tieszen, USGS EROS Center
9:15 AM
New Water Retention Technology Improves Corn Yields and Cellulosic Biomass Production On Highly Permeable Soils.
Alvin Smucker, Michigan State University; Alexandra Kravchenko, Michigan State University; Ted Zobeck, USDA-ARS; Bruno Basso, University of Basilicata
9:30 AM
Water Use and Conservation Under Bioenergy Crops In the Central Great Plains.
Byron J. Evers, Kansas State University; Humberto Blanco, Kansas State University; Scott Staggenborg, Kansas State University; Keith Harmoney, Kansas State University; Gerard Kluitenberg, Kansas State University; DeAnn Presley, Kansas State University
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
Drought and Salinity Tolerances of Canola.
Fujimaki Haruyuki, Tottori University; Aki HOSHINO, Department of Appropriate Technology and Science for Sustainable Development; Mohamed Hanafy, Cairo university Faculty of Agriculture
10:15 AM
Soil-Surface Carbon Dioxide Efflux of Bioenergy Cropping Systems.
Aaron Daigh, Agronomy Department; Thomas Sauer, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture & the Environment; Robert Horton, Agronomy Department
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Cellulosic Biofuel Production On Conservation Reserve Program Land and Its Associated Environmental Impacts.
Stephen D. LeDuc, US Environmental Protection Agency; Xuesong Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Varaprasad Bandaru, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Tristram O. West, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Randy Bruins, US Environmental Protection Agency; Betsy Smith, US Environmental Protection Agency; Roberto C. Izaurralde, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
Environmental Impacts of Continental Scale Biofuel Production.
Brian Gelder, Iowa State University; Christopher Anderson, Iowa State University; Raymond Arritt, Iowa State University; Philip Gassman, Iowa State University; Daryl Herzmann, Iowa State University; Robert Anex, University of Wisconsin
11:35 AM