285 Symposium--Wetland Soils Education

Oral Session
S10 Wetland Soils Wetland Soils Education is integral to demonstrating value in these ecosystems and encouraging their conservation. This symposium will bring together both producers and consumers of wetland soils education (teachers and students). Topics to be presented and discussed include: online teaching, online degree and certificate programs, extension programs, online informational materials, workshops and short courses, regulatory programs and educational needs, K-12 programs, and educational needs of practicing professionals. This symposium encourages volunteer paper submissions from authors interested in wetland soils education at any level (from K-12 to professional and academics to the general public).
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 1:00 PM-3:05 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Ballroom C-1

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Paula Gale
John White
1:05 PM
Role of Wetland Soils Short Courses In Post Graduate Training.
Michael J. Vepraskas, North Carolina State University; David Lindbo, North Carolina State University
1:35 PM
Barriers and Opportunities In Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences Online Education.
Sabine Grunwald, University of Florida, Soil and Water Science Department; B. Hoover, University of Florida, Soil and Water Science Department
2:20 PM
2:05 PM
2:35 PM
2:50 PM
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