85 Symposium--Agricultural Experiment Stations In the South Central and Southwest: Challenges and Successes

Oral Session
ASA Section: Land Management & Conservation Tight budgets have put pressure on Agricultural Experiment Stations to prioritize programs and projects to meet current needs and at times programs and faculty have had to be reduced. However, Agiculture is at one of the most exciting times of scientific breakthrough and innovation. How are the Experiment Stations of the South Central and Southwest US dealing with these challenging times and what are their success stories.


Agricultural Experiment Station Management
Monday, October 17, 2011: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 006C

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Timothy Reinbott
Timothy Reinbott
2:05 PM
The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station In the 21st Century.
Clarence Watson, Oklahoma State University; R. Brent Westerman, Oklahoma State University
2:35 PM
Agricultural Science Centers In New Mexico: Challenges and Successes.
John Mexal, New Mexico State University; R Flynn, New Mexico State University; M.K. O'Neill, New Mexico State University; L, Lauriault, New Mexico State University; J. Harrington, New Mexico State University; Steven Guldan, New Mexico State University; T. Carrillo, New Mexico State University
3:35 PM
Navajo Agricultural Product Industry: Farming On the Navajo Nation.
Renae Pablo, Navajo Agricultural Products Industry
4:35 PM
4:45 PM