92 Graduate Student Poster Competition

Poster Session
C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism As with the Graduate Student Oral Competition, this topical session will include C-2 and C-4 graduate student posters in competition.


C04 Seed Physiology, Production & Technology
Monday, October 17, 2011: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Maria Balota and Jeffrey White
Poster #1011
A Maize Leaf Starch Knockout Has Reduced Productivity Under Field Conditions.
Alanna Schlosser, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; John Martin, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; L. Hannah, University of Florida; Michael Giroux, Montana State University
Poster #1012
Endophytic Inoculations Promote Growth and Enhance Carbon Gain In Nitrogen Deficient Sweet Corn.
Jenny Knoth, University of Washington; Soo-Hyung Kim, University of Washington; Gregory Ettl, University of Washington; Sharon Doty, University of Washington
Poster #1013
Comparative Proteomics of Recalcitrant Seed Death in Spartina alterniflora.
Yi Wang, Louisiana State University; Azeem Hasan, Louisiana State University; Zhi-yuan Chen, Louisiana State University; Marc Cohn, Louisiana State University
Poster #1014
Characterization of High Biomass Plant Species for TAGs In the Leaves and Optimization of Their Extraction.
Padmavathi Sengodon, Texas A&M University; Scott Senseman, Texas A&M University; Dirk Hays, Texas A&M University
Poster #1015
Critical Period for the Effect of Intercepted Solar Radiation On the Percentage of Oleic Acid In Sunflower Oil.
Laila Puntel, Laboratorio de Fisiologia Vegetal, Unidad Integrada Balcarce (INTA-FCA, UNMP); María M. Echarte, Laboratorio de Fisiología Vegetal, Unidad Integrada Balcarce (INTA-FCA, UNMP),CONICET; Luis Aguirrezabal, Laboratorio de Fisiología Vegetal, Unidad Integrada Balcarce (INTA-FCA, UNMP), CONICET
Poster #1016
Improved Characterization of Photosynthetic Parameters of Maize Grown Under Different N Fertilizer Rates Based on Field Light Response Curves.
Laila Puntel, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University; Fernando Miguez, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University
Poster #1017
Response of Aegilops Species to Drought Stress During Reproductive Stages of Development.
Gautam P. Pradhan, Kansas State University; P.V. Vara Prasad, Kansas State University; Allan K. Fritz, Kansas State University; Mary Beth K. Kirkham, Kansas State University; Bikram Gill, Kansas State University
Poster #1018
Effect of Defoliation On Leaf Senescence and Nitrogen Redistribution During the Seed-Filling Period In Soybean.
Abdullah Aqeel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Dennis Egli, University of Kentucky; Saratha Kumudini, Monsanto Company - USA
Poster #1019
A Novel Phytase with Increased Tolerance to Arsenate In Pteris Vittata.
Jason Lessl, University of Florida; Lena Ma, Unversity of Florida
Poster #1020
Nitrogen Fixation Under Drought of Soybean Genotypes Differing In Ureide Concentration.
Alejandro Bolton, University of Arkansas; Larry Purcell, University of Arkansas
Poster #1021
Nitrogen Use Efficiency In Grain Sorghum Genotypes.
George Y. Mahama, Kansas State University; P.V. Vara Prasad, Kansas State University; David Mengel, Kansas State University; Scott Staggenborg, Kansas State University; Tesfaye Tesso, Kansas State University
Poster #1022
Screening Sorghum Genotypes for Canopy Temperature Using Field Based Infra-Red (IR) Sensors.
Raymond N. Mutava, Kansas State University; P.V. Vara P. Prasad, Kansas State University
Poster #1023
Influence of Luxury Nitrogen Application on Maize Yield and Physiology.
Yunfeng Peng, University of Missouri; Chunjian Li, China Agricultural University; Felix Fritschi, University of Missouri
Poster #1024
Poster #1025
Cotton Lint Quality As Influenced by Harvest-Aid Regimes and Variety Characteristics.
Zachary Eder, Texas A&M University; Gaylon Morgan, Texas AgriLife Extension Service; Dale Mott, Texas A&M University; Daniel D. Fromme, Texas Agrilife Extension Service
Poster #1026
Foliar Boron Reduces Heat Stress-Induced Pod Abortion In Spring Canola.
Laxhman Ramsahoi, University of Guelph; Hugh Earl, University of Guelph
Poster #1027
Alternate Furrow Irrigation Reduces Water Applied without Yield Reduction In California Processing Tomatoes.
Felipe H. Barrios-Masias, University of California-Davis; Louise E. Jackson, University of California-Davis
Poster #1028
Physiological Effect of 1-Methycyclopropene On Cotton Plants by Electrolyte Leakage Method.
Yuan Chen, Texas A&M University; Dehua Chen, Yangzhou University; J. Tom Cothren, Texas A&M University