160 Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM): Fate and Role In Soil and Environmental Processes

Oral Session
S11 Soils & Environmental Quality Dissolved organic matter (DOM) plays an important role in the biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen and in pedogenetic processes in soils. DOM also affects the fate and transport of organic and inorganic pollutants in the environment. In addition, DOM is considered to be part of the readily degradable fraction of soil organic matter (SOM). The mechanisms of these processes are difficult to understand due to the complex nature of soil DOM. This symposium/session will cover different aspects related to DOM and its activity in the environment including: characterization, interactions with minerals and SOM, complexation with metals, interactions with organic pollutants and nano-particles and bioavailability.


Soil Chemistry, Z03 Canadian Society of Soil Science
Monday, October 17, 2011: 1:00 PM-3:50 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 210A

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Benny Chefetz and Myrna Simpson
Myrna Simpson and Benny Chefetz
1:05 PM
Sorption of PAHs In Dissolved Organic Matter: Nonlinear Isotherms, Desorption Hysteresis and Competition.
Bo Pan, University of Massachusetts; Saikat Ghosh, University of Massachusetts; Baoshan Xing, University of Massachusetts
1:45 PM
Dom-Induced Artifacts In Kd Measurement for Hydrophobic Contaminants.
Jay Gan, University of California; Vivienne Wang, University of California; Svetlana Bondarenko, University of California
2:05 PM
The Role of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition In Sorption to Minerals and Interactions with Pharmaceuticals.
Stephanie Hofley, University of Toronto; Myrna Simpson, University of Toronto; Andre Simpson, University of Toronto
2:20 PM
2:35 PM
Dissolved Organic Matter Effect On Accurate Laboratory Detection of Organic Contaminants Through Interference and Complexation Interactions.
Leif Abrell, University of Arizona; Selene Hernandez-Ruiz, University of Arizona; Samanthi Wickramasekara, University of Arizona; Robert Arnold, University of Arizona; Jon Chorover, University of Arizona
3:05 PM
Does Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) From Different Agro-Ecosystems Land-Use Influence Adsorption of Organic Pollutants to the Subsoil?.
Nadler Simon, UMR INRA – AgroParisTech, Environnement et Grandes Cultures 78850 Thiverval-Grignon, France; Pierre Benoit, UMR INRA – AgroParisTech, Environnement et Grandes Cultures 78850 Thiverval-Grignon, France; Abad Chabbi, INRA-UEFE, 86600 Lusignan, France
3:35 PM
Colloid-Facilitated Hg Transport In Hg-Contaminated Soils: Effect of Ionic Strength, Humic Acid and Fe Oxides.
Yingjia Zhu, University of Florida; Lena Ma, University of Florida; Willie Harris, University of Florida; J.C Bonzongo, University of Florida; Fengxiang Han, Mississippi State University
3:50 PM