203-22 Observing University of Kentucky Research and Recommendations In Field Scale Soybean Production: The 2011 Soybean Management Verification Program.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C, Street Level
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Amanda Martin, Plant and Soil Science, University of Kentucky, Saint Francis, WI and Chad Lee, Plant and Soils Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
The Soybean Management Verification Program (SoyMVP) at the University of Kentucky was developed to apply current, research based recommendations for soil fertility, weed, and pest management into larger scale grain crop production. The program’s objectives are to identify and improve areas of soybean research, update current University of Kentucky recommendations, and to provide Kentucky soybean producers with information and additional knowledge to maximize soybean profitability.  The 2011 growing season was the third year for SoyMVP enrolling 17 fields (full season and double crop soybeans) from agriculturally productive grain crop regions in western Kentucky. Fields selected for the program represented two main criteria (i) field scale production and (ii) a consistent soil type.  Each site was separated so half would be managed according to producer practices and the other half based upon university recommendations. Soil samples and fertility recommendations were made prior to planting. Weed and pest control recommendations were determined from weekly scouting, physiological, and field observations for weed and insect pressure. In addition to field scouting, biweekly visits were made to producers and county extension agent to provide updates on all field observations. Yield and partial economic net return results were published as an extension publication in the College of Agriculture. Differences in University of Kentucky recommendations and producer practices were seen in seeding rate and the use of fungicide application. SoyMVP serves as additional communication amongst the university and farmer addressing the demands and practices of producers that could assist in improving recommendations and motivate future research.