51 Environmental Quality Posters

Poster Session
A05 Environmental Quality


Monday, November 1, 2010: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Poster #700
Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Terraced Field and along Concentrated Water Flow Paths.
Martha Mamo, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Brigid Amos, University of Nebraska; Timothy Arkebauer, University Of Nebraska - Lincoln; Roger Renken, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Kathleen Spencer, University of Nebraska
Poster #701
Profile of Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Swine Lagoon: Implication On the Influence of Heat Fluxes.
Nanh Lovanh, usda-ars; arturo quintanar, Western Kentucky University; John Loughrin, usda-ars; Rezaul Mahmood, Western Kentucky University
Poster #703
Regionalized Levels of Soil Phosphorus and Phosphorus Saturation in Beef Cattle Pastures with and without Grazing.
Gilbert Sigua, USDA-ARS; Robert O. Myer, North Florida Research and Educational Center, University of Florida; Cheryl L. Mackowiak, North Florida Research and Educational Center, University of Florida; Sam Coleman, USDA-ARS; Chad C. Chase, USDA-ARS
Poster #704
Creeping Bentgrass Response to a Stabilized Amine Form of Nitrogen Fertilizer.
Qiny Zhu, USDA-ARS-PSWMRU; Maxim J. Schlossberg, Penn State University; Ray B. Bryant, USDA-ARS-PSWMRU; John Schmidt, USDA-ARS-PSWMRU
Poster #705
Factors Affecting the Concentration of Nitrates in Groundwater in the Rice-Wheat Cropping System of India: A Geo-Spatial Approach.
Parvesh Chandna, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI); ML Khurana, Department of Agriculture; Jagdish Ladha, International Rice Research Institute; RS Mehla, Department of Agriculture; Milap Punia, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
Poster #706
Poster #707
Real-Time Detection of Particulate Chemical Composition near Agricultural Facilities Using Mass Spectrometry.
Philip J. Silva, USDA-ARS; Derek Price, Utah State University; Kori Moore, Energy Dynamics Laboratory
Poster #708
Correlating Sub-Basin Sediment Fingerprints to Land Use in the.
Robert Mckinley, University of Georgia-Athens
Poster #709
Ephemeroptera-Plecoptera-Trichoptera (EPT) Assemblages in Watersheds Associated with Managed Areas in the Bankhead National Forest.
Rufina Ward, Alabama A&M University; Heather Howell, Alabama A&M University; William Stone, Alabama A&M University
Poster #710
Comparison of Field-Scale Herbicide Runoff and Volatilization Losses: An Eight Year Field Investigation.
Timothy Gish, USDA-ARS; John Prueger, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment; Craig Daughtry, USDA-ARS; William Kustas, USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory; Lynn McKee, USDA-ARS Hydrology & Remote Sensing Laboratory; Jerry Hatfield, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment; Andrew Russ, USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Senisng Laboratory
Poster #711
A Cumulative Vulnerability Index to Account for Interactions of Hydrology, Timing of Application, and Dissipation Kinetics in Annual Atrazine Transport.
E. John Sadler, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit; Bob Lerch, USDA-ARS; Claire Baffaut, USDA-ARS; Ken Sudduth, USDA-ARS
Poster #713
Center Pivot Application of Processed Swine Effluent to Crops.
Kenneth Smiciklas, Illinois State Univ; Paul Walker, Illinois State Univ; Robert Rhykerd, Illinois State Univ
Poster #714
Discoloration of An Effluent From Traditional Dyeing Process : Effect of Inoculum Amount.
Graciela M. Ruiz-Aguilar, Universidad de Guanajuato; Ernesto Camarena-Aguilar, Universidad de Guanajuato; Vicente J. Alvarez-Villafana, Universidad de Guanajuato; Sergio J. Alejo-Lopez, Universidad de Guanajuato; Gabriela Arroyo-Figueroa, Universidad de Guanajuato