197 Graduate Student Oral Competition: Fertilization, Soil and Thatch Management, Cultivation Practices, Plant Growth Regulation, Turf Establishment

Oral Session
C05 Turfgrass Science

Fertilization management for turfgrass systems; divot, wear and traffic tolerance of turfgrass; cultivation practices.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010: 7:55 AM-12:10 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 301, Seaside Level

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Anthony Koski
7:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Renovation of Established Golf Course Putting Greens Using Non-Disruptive Techniques.
Marcus Jones, Iowa State University; Nick Christians, Iowa State University
8:30 AM
The Effects of Various Postemergence Herbicides On the Establishment Rate of Selected Experimental Interspecific Hybrid Bermudagrasses.
Kyungjoon Koh, Oklahoma State University; Justin Moss, Oklahoma State University; Greg Bell, Oklahoma State University; Dennis Martin, Oklahoma State University; Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University
8:45 AM
Aeration and Black Sand Topdressing to Enhance Putting Green Recovery.
Christopher A. Proctor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; William J. Johnston, Washington State Univeristy; Richard Koenig, Washington State Univeristy; Gwen K. Stahnke, Washington State Univeristy Puyallup; Charles T. Golob, Washington State Univeristy; Matthew W. Williams, Washington State Univeristy
9:00 AM
Biodethatching Using Fungal Laccases.
Sudeep Sidhu, University of Georgia - Griffin; Qingguo Huang, University of Georgia - Griffin; Paul Raymer, University of Georgia - Griffin; Robert Carrow, University of Georgia - Griffin
9:30 AM
Response of Kentucky Bluegrass to Urea-Based Fertilizers Formulated to Reduce Ammonia Volatilization and Nitrate Conversion.
Shelby Henning, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Bruce Branham, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Richard Mulvaney, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
10:00 AM
Nitrogen Source and Rate Affect Color Retention On Warm Season Grasses Under Saline and Drip Irrigation.
Matteo Serena, New Mexico State University; Bernd Leinauer, New Mexico State University; Marco Schiavon, New Mexico State University
9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Conversion of Mixed Species Golf Course Fairways to Creeping Bentgrass Using Glyphosate.
Samuel Bauer, University of Minnesota; Brian Horgan, University of Minnesota; Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University; Ronald Calhoun, Michigan State University; Andrew Hollman, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Kevin Frank, Michigan State University
10:30 AM
Nitrogen Carrier Effects On Creeping Bentgrass Grown On Three Rootzones.
Miyuan Xiao, Michigan State University; Kevin Frank, Michigan State University; Thomas Nikolai, Michigan State University
11:00 AM
Reducing Poa Annua through the Use of Plant Growth Regulators On Putting Greens.
Christian Baldwin, J.R. Simplot Company; Jonathan Schnore, J.R. Simplot Company; A. Douglas Brede, J.R. Simplot Company
11:15 AM
Divot Resistance Varies Among Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass Cultivars.
Jon Trappe, University of Arkansas; Douglas Karcher, University of Arkansas; Michael Richardson, University of Arkansas; Aaron Patton, University of Arkansas
11:30 AM
Golf Shot Quality Is Affected by Ball Lie.
William Strunk, University of Arkansas; Douglas Karcher, University of Arkansas; Aaron Patton, University of Arkansas; Michael Richardson, University of Arkansas
11:45 AM
11:55 AM