330 Forest Soils Nutrient Dynamcis

Poster Session
S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils

Poster session on impact of silvicultural practices such as fertilization, weed control, harvesting, thinning, etc on forest ecosystems and soils

Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Thomas Fox
Eric Jokela
Poster #1208
Nutrient Concentrations of Roots Vary More with Site Than Soil Depth.
Ruth Yanai, SUNY-Syracuse; Byung Bae Park, Korea Forest Research Institute
Poster #1209
Nitrogen Cycling in Forest Floors Do We Really Understand It?.
Kathryn B. Piatek, Global Forestry Solutions
Poster #1210
Carbon and Nutrient Contents in Soils From the King's River Experimental Watershed, Sierran Nevada Mountains, California.
Dale Johnson, Univ. of Nevada, Reno; Carolyn F. Hunsaker, Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service; Dallas Glass, Univ. of Nevada; Benjamin M. Rau, University of Nevada, Reno
Poster #1211
Temporal Variation in Soil N Availability in An Agropyron Cristatum (crested wheatgrass) Planting.
Robert R. Blank, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Tye Morgan, USDA-Agricultural Research Service
Poster #1212
Minimizing Nutrient Leaching and Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency of Liriodendron Tulipifera and Larix Leptolepis in a Container Nursery System.
Byung Bae Park, Korea Forest Research Institute; Ruth Yanai, SUNY-Syracuse; Min Suck Cho, Korea Forest Research Institute; Joo Han Sung, Korea Forest Research Institute; Young Kul Kim, Korea Forest Research Institute; Suk Kuwon Kim, Korea Forest Research Institute
Poster #1213
Forest Harvest Effects On Soil Nutrient Concentrations and Nitrogen Pools in Ozark Highland Soils.
Meredith Albers, University of Missouri; Keith Goyne, University of Missouri; John Kabrick, USDA Forest Service (FS); Peter Motavalli, University of Missouri-Columbia; David Gwaze, Missouri Department of Conservation
Poster #1214
A Tool for Estimating Nutrient Fluxes In Harvest Biomass Products for 30 Canadian Tree Species.
David Pare, Natural Resources Canada; Evelyne Thiffault, Natural Resources Canada; Brian D. Titus, Natural Resources Canada; Pierre Bernier, Natural Resources Canada; Benoit Lafleur, Natural Resources Canada
Poster #1215
Developing a Species Selection Guide for Bottomland Hardwood Restoration within the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley.
Ryan Blair, The University of Tennessee; David Mercker, The University of Tennessee; Donald Tyler, The University of Tennessee
Poster #1216
Poster #1217
Effects of Harvest Season, Soil Texture and Landscape Position On Soil Compaction in Northern Minnesota Aspen Harvests.
Randall Kolka, USDA-ARS Forest Service; Aaron Steber, JFNew Ecological Consulting; Ken Brooks, University of Minnesota Dept. of Forest Resources; Charles Perry, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
Poster #1218
Nutrient Bioavailability for Black Spruce Establishment as Influenced by Elevation and Post-Fire Disturbance.
Rebekka Rieder, Western Ag Innovations; Julia Wheeler, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Elizabeth Sutton, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Dmitri Kravchenko, Lakehead University; Matthew Osmond, Memorial University of Newfoundland; John D. Jacobs, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Luise Hermanutz, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Azime Mallik, Lakehead University
Poster #1219
Urea Hydrolysis in Pine Forest Floor: Effect of Water Potential.
Jiro Ariyama, University of Georgia; Miguel Cabrera, University of Georgia; David Kissel, University of Georgia; John Rema, University of Georgia
Poster #1220
The End of Rotation Effects of Weed Control and Fertilization On the Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics of a Slash and Loblolly Pine Forest in North Central Florida.
Jason Vogel, Texas A&M University; Eric Jokela, University of Florida; Timothy A. Martin, University of Florida; Luis Suau, North Carolina State University
Poster #1221
Long- and Short-Term Changes in Soil Carbon and Nutrient Availability Following Commercial Sawlog Harvest.
Jennifer Knoepp, USDA-ARS Forest Service; Wayne T. Swank, USDA Forest Service (FS); Bruce Haines, University of Georgia
Poster #1222
Poster Discussion and Social Hour