271 Nutrient Management and Environmental Quality

Oral Session
A05 Environmental Quality

This session includes papers air, soil and water quality effects of agricultural management


Soils & Environmental Quality
Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 1:00 PM-3:50 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 201B, Second Floor

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Donald Horneck
Dan M. Sullivan
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:05 PM
Nitrous Oxide Emissions In Medium and Coarse Textured Soils From Corn Production Under Conventional and Alternative Fertilizer Treatments.
Bijesh Maharjan, University of Minnesota; Rodney Venterea, USDA-ARS Soil & Water Management Research Unit; Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota
1:20 PM
Measurement and Simulation of Ammonia Volatilization From Urea Fertilizer in Cropping and Pasture System.
Deli Chen, University of Melbourne; Debra Turner, University of Melbourne; Yong Li, University of Melbourne; Owen Denmead, CSIRO; John Freney, CSIRO
1:35 PM
Effect of Irrigation Rate On Urea Incorporation.
Jess Holcomb III, Oregon State University; Donald Horneck, Oregon State University; Dan Sullivan, Oregon State University
1:50 PM
Effect of Urease Inhibitors On Ammonia Volatilization.
Donald Horneck, Oregon State University; Jess Holcomb, Oregon State University; Dan Sullivan, Oregon State University
2:05 PM
Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Kentucky Bluegrass.
Bryan Hopkins, Brigham Young University; Joshua LeMonte, Brigham Young University; Jeffery Summerhays, Brigham Young University; Von Jolley, Brigham Young University; Bruce Webb, Brigham Young University
2:20 PM
Response of Illinois Streams to Nitrogen Fertilization Timing and Balances.
Mark David, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Lowell Gentry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Corey Mitchell, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2:50 PM
3:05 PM
3:35 PM
Effects of Pasture Renovation On Hydrology, Nutrient Runoff, and Forage Yield.
Jason de Koff, Tennessee State University; Philip A. Moore Jr., USDA-ARS; Daniel Pote, USDA-ARS; Sandi J. Formica, Watershed Conservation Resource Center; Matthew Van Eps, Watershed Conservation Resource Center; Paul DeLaune, Texas A&M University
3:50 PM
4:05 PM