91 Symposium--Application of Soil Physics to Resolving Environmental Problems: Honoring the Impact of Martinus Th. Van Genuchten: II

Poster Session
S01 Soil Physics
The session contains poster presentations submitted to the symposium
Monday, November 2, 2009: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Second Floor

Peter Shouse , Attila Nemes and Todd Skaggs
Poster #1018
Estimating Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Using Decision Tree Analysis.
Aubrey Shirley, Univ. of Georgia; David Radcliffe, Univ. of Georgia; Attila Nemes, USDA-ARS
Poster #1020
Scaling Soil Water Retention Functions Using Particle-Size Distribution.
Paolo Nasta, Univ. of California; Tamir Kamai, Univ. of California; Jan Hopmans, Univ. of California; Nunzio Romano, Univ. di Napoli; Giovanni B. Chirico, Univ. di Napoli
Poster #1021
Numerical Analysis of Water and Heat Transport in Vegetated Soils Using HYDRUS-1D.
Masaru Sakai, Univ. of California, Riverside; Jiri Simunek, Univ. of California, Riverside
Poster #1022
Mobile-Immobile Phase in Different Growing Media for Greenhouse Tomato Production.
Jean Caron, CANADA, Laval Univ.; Guillaume Létourneau, CANADA, Laval Univ.; David Elrick, Retired; Rémi Naasz, Premier Horticulture; Steeve Pépin, CANADA, Laval Univ.
Poster #1023
Cotton Root Water Uptake: Experimental Set-up and First Look at Data.
Peter J. Shouse, USDA-ARS; Todd Skaggs, USDA-ARS
Poster #1025
Variability of Physical and Chemical Properties of West Mesa Soils Irrigated by Industrial Effluent.
Pradip Adhikari, New Mexico State Univ.; Manoj Shukla, New Mexico State Univ.; John Mexal, New Mexico State Univ.; David Daniel, New Mexico State Univ.
Poster #1026
Nitrate-Nitrogen and Chloride Leaching in Onion Under Furrow and Drip Irrigation Systems.
Parmodh Sharma, New Mexico State Univ.; Manoj Shukla, New Mexico State Univ.; Theodore Sammis, New Mexico State Univ.
Poster #1027
Modeling Coupled Water and Heat Transport in a Freezing Soil Using the Modified HYDRUS-1D Code.
Kunio Watanabe, Mie Univ.; Tetsuya kito, Mie Univ.; Nobuo Toride, Mie Univ.; Martinus van Genuchten, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ
Poster #1028
Solute Transport through An Argiudol of the “Argentinian Humid Pampas”.
Virginia Aparicio, INTA; Jose Costa, INTA; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers State Univ.
Poster #1029
Environmental Safety Assessment of Natural Radioactive Contaminants in Fertilizers and Phosphogypsum.
Marcia Batalha, COPPE/LTTC, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering; Elizabeth Pontedeiro, Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission, CNEN; Vanusa F. Jacomino, Centro de Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Nuclear, CDTN/CNEN; Maria Helena T. Taddei, Laboratory of Poços de Caldas, CNEN; Martinus van Genuchten, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, COPPE/LTTC
Poster #1030
Application of Soil Physics to Improve Efficiency of Ground-Source Heat Pumps in Fractured Saprolite.
Martin Helmke, West Chester Univ.; Russell Losco, Lanchester Soil Consultants Inc.; Angela M. Reed, West Chester Univ.
Poster #1031
Water Fluxes through the Vadose Zone of An Onion Field.
Sanjit K. Deb, New Mexico State Univ.; Manoj Shukla, New Mexico State Univ.; Parmodh Sharma, New Mexico State Univ.; Carlos Ochoa, New Mexico State Univ.
Poster #1032
Infiltration Rate Response to Accumulation of Fines in a Stormwater Bioinfiltration Basin.
Bridget Wadzuk, Villanova Univ.; Andrea L. Welker, Villanova Univ.; Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, Villanova Univ.
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