142 Symposium--Enhancing Understanding and Quantification of Soil-Root Growth Interactions: II

Oral Session
A03 Agroclimatology & Agronomic Modeling
Continuation of first session

Soil Physics

Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 1:20 PM-4:20 PM
Convention Center, Room 325, Third Floor

Dennis Timlin
1:20 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:50 PM
Toward Mechanistic Modeling of Root Growth and Nutrient Uptake in CROPGRO.
Kenneth Boote, Univ. of Florida; James Jones, Univ. of Florida; Cheryl Porter, Univ. of Florida; Fernando Villegas, Univ. of Florida; Gerrit Hoogenboom, Univ. of Georgia
2:40 PM
3:20 PM
3:45 PM
Coupling Dynamic Root Growth with a Water and Solute Transport Model to Estimate Water and Nutrient Uptake by Maize Plants.
Annette Dathe, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Jouke Postma, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Jonathan Lynch, Pennsylvania State Univ.
4:00 PM
4:20 PM