15 National Student Research Symposium Poster Contest

Poster Session
Z00 Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences (SASES)
Student Research Symposium Poster Contest
Monday, November 2, 2009: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Second Floor

Amy Robak
Leann Malison and Lori Unruh Snyder
Poster #1
Developing Techniques for the Biological Control of Canada Thistle, Cirsium Arvense, Using the Obligate Biotroph Fungus, Puccinia Punctiformis.
Alicia Spangler, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Steven A. Conaway, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Paul A. Backman, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Poster #3
Nutrient Supply From Soil-Applied Gasification Ash.
Eric Preston, Kansas State Univ.; Nathan Nelson, Kansas State Univ.; Ming Hu, Kansas State Univ.; Duo Wang, Kansas State Univ.; Wenqiao Yuan, Kansas State Univ.
Poster #4
Practicality and Procedures for Composting Institutional Waste Streams.
Lindsey Slaughter, Univ. of Tennessee, Martin; Paula Gale, Univ. of Tennessee, Martin
Poster #6
Cross Pathogenicity of Fusarium Oxysporum f. Sp. Betae On Sugar Beet and Common Bean.
Austin Case, Colorado State Univ., Agronomy Club; Kimberly Webb, United States Dept. of Agriculture-Ag. Research Service; Mark Brick, Colorado State Univ.
Poster #7
Quaternary Glacial Mapping Using Soil Survey Information.
Betsy Oehlke, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls; Holly Dolliver, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls
Poster #8
Does a Winter Rye Cover Crop Effect Soil Physical Structure?.
Amanda Liesch, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls; Tyson Ochsner, Oklahoma State Univ.
Poster #9
Enhancing Sustainable Cropping Systems through the Use of Cover Crops.
Jacqueline Langlois, Oklahoma State Univ.; Chad Godsey, Oklahoma State Univ.; Jeffrey Edwards, Oklahoma State Univ.; Randy Taylor, Oklahoma State Univ.; Jacob Linneman, Oklahoma State Univ.
Poster #10
The Role of Genetics and Photoperiod in Soybean Development and the Control of the Plant Life Cycle.
Jason Lucas, Univ. of Kentucky; Saratha Kumudini, Univ. of Kentucky; Elena Prior, Univ. of Kentucky
Poster #11
Micro Nutrient Effects On Plant Growth.
Tryston Beyrer, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls Crops and Soils Club
Poster #12