136 General Resident Education: I

Oral Session
A01 Resident Education
General submission to the division of interest
Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 12:55 PM-4:00 PM
Convention Center, Room 337-338, Third Floor

Clay Robinson
12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Willie and the Beanstalk Contest: A Tool for Undergraduate Recruitment and K-12 Education.
Nathan Nelson, Kansas State Univ.; Stephen Thien, Kansas State Univ.
1:15 PM
1:45 PM
Adventure Learning: Teaching Food and Agriculture From a Bicycle in Africa.
Margaret Mangan, Univ. of Minnesota; Paul Porter, Univ. of Minnesota
2:00 PM
Faculty Versus Tour Company Organized International Short Courses in Agriculture: Lessons Learned in Planning and Executing Positive Educational Student Trips.
Jamie Patton, Northwest Missouri State Univ.; Rod Barr, Northwest Missouri State Univ.; Lurinda Turner, Northwest Missouri State Univ.
2:15 PM
Podcast Utilization by Turf Science Students.
Cale Bigelow, Purdue Univ.; E. A. Guertal, Auburn Univ.; Gregg Munshaw, Mississippi State Univ.
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
Enhancing Students' Learning Experience with Ifarm (Interactive Fundamental Agricultural Resource Materials).
Lori Unruh Snyder, Purdue Univ.; Pil Won-on, Purdue University; Samantha Ambrose, Purdue University Agronomy Club
3:00 PM
Integrating Spatial Educational Experiences (Isee) Into Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Curricula.
Darrell Schulze, Purdue Univ.; Stephanie Mitzman, Purdue Univ.; Phillip Owens, Purdue Univ.; Lori Unruh Snyder, Purdue Univ.; George Van Scoyoc, Purdue Univ.; John Graveel, Purdue Univ.; Gary Steinhardt, Purdue Univ.; Christopher C. Miller, Purdue Univ.; Marianne Bracke, Purdue Univ.; Ronald J. Glotzbach, Purdue Univ.; Bedrich Benes, Purdue Univ.
3:15 PM
Assessing the Effectiveness of Mobile GIS On Students' Ability to Identify Landforms and Predict Soil Properties in the Field.
Stephanie Mitzman, Purdue Univ.; Darrell Schulze, Purdue Univ.; Phillip Owens, Purdue Univ.; Lori Unruh Snyder, Purdue Univ.
3:30 PM
Joys and Constraints of Teaching Large Soil and Water Science Classes.
Mary Collins, Univ. of Florida; James Bonczek, Univ. of Florida
4:00 PM