220 Soil Change on the Human Time Scale

Oral Session
S05 Pedology
This is an appropriate follow-up to the 2008 invited symposium (Pedology, Soil Change and Management Effects on Soil Quality). The ideal soil change studies follow a holistic approach and integrate pedological, ecological, and agricultural principles. Such studies are needed to document the effects of soil change on current and future production capabilities as well as effects on soil and ecosystem services. A topical session will facilitate networking and information exchange among researchers with these common interests. The desired outcome is to advance the science of soil change and our understanding of how soils change. Both are needed to provide land managers and decisions makers with new information to protect and enhance the nation’s soil resources

Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Pedology, Soil & Water Management & Conservation, Forest, Range & Wildland Soils

Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 9:55 AM-11:30 AM
Convention Center, Room 413, Fourth Floor

Cynthia Stiles
11:30 AM
9:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:00 AM
Effects of Traffic On Soil Compaction in Sandy South Georgia Soils.
Matt Williams, Valdosta State Univ.; Eric Brevik, Dickinson State Univ.
10:15 AM
Do “Typical” Pedons Change with 50 Years of Low Intensity Land Use?.
Jessica Veenstra, Iowa State Univ.; Lee Burras, Iowa State Univ.
10:30 AM
Evolution of An Alfisol Into a Mollisol with 150 Years of Cropping in Iowa.
Lee Burras, Iowa State Univ.; Yury Chendev, Belgorod State Univ.; Thomas Sauer, USDA-ARS, Natl. Soil Tilth Lab.
10:45 AM
Development and Cooperator Testing of An Active Carbon Field Kit.
Cynthia Stiles, USDA-NRCS; Richard Hammer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Richard Ferguson, USDA-NRCS; Larry West, USDA-NRCS; Patty Jones, USDA-NRCS; Kathy Newman, USDA-NRCS; Mark Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Joey Shaw, Auburn Univ.; Julie Arriaga, Auburn Univ.; Anita Falen, Univ. of Idaho; Paul McDaniel, Univ. of Idaho; Anthony O'Geen, Univ. of California; John Galbraith, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. (Virginia Tech); Randall Miles, Univ. of Missouri
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