202 Soil Mechanical Properties and Hydraulic Processes in Structured Soils

Oral Session
S01 Soil Physics
The session explores the theories of soil mechanical properties and their interactions with hydraulic behavior of soils. Papers addressing field, laboratory and modeling of these multidisciplinary interactions are welcomed.
Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 3:10 PM-4:30 PM
Convention Center, Room 411, Fourth Floor

Rainer Horn and Alvin Smucker
Rainer Horn , Rabi Mohtar and Alvin Smucker
3:10 PM
Introductory Remarks
3:15 PM
Soil Deformation as a Dynamic Process and Its Relation to Structure and Soil Water Pressure.
Stephan Peth, Christian-Albrechts-Univ.; Rainer Horn, Christian-Albrechts-Univ.
3:30 PM
Effectiveness of Plastic Board Drains Installed in Soft Ground.
Jintae Lee, Purdue Univ.; Dongwook Kim, Purdue Univ.
3:45 PM
Behavior of Domestic Waste Landfill Foundation.
Dongwook Kim, Purdue Univ.; Jintae Lee, Purdue Univ.
4:00 PM
High Energy Moisture Characteristics: Linking Between Soil Physical Processes and Structure Stability.
Amrakh Mamedov, USDA-ARS-GMPRC-EWERU; Guy J. Levy, Inst. of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences; Fazil A. Aliev, VCU; Larry Wagner, USDA-ARS-GMPRC-EWERU; Fred Fox, USDA-ARS-GMPRC-EWERU
4:30 PM
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