Symposium--Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Soil Water and Their Relations to Biotic and Abiotic Processes at Different Scales: I

Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 10:00 AM-2:45 PM
Convention Center, Room 411, Fourth Floor
Robert Schwartz and Ole Wendroth
Robert C. Schwartz , Ole Wendroth , Robert Lascano and Timothy R. Green
10:45 AM
Soil Characteristics and Cracking Behavior of a Vertisol Catena.
Takele Mitiku Dinka, Texas A&M Univ.; Cristine L. S. Morgan, Texas A&M Univ.; Andrea Sz. Kishné, Texas A&M Univ., AgriLife Res.
11:00 AM
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Water Fluxes in Paddy Rice Systems.
Manon Janssen, Univ. Rostock; Bernd Lennartz, Univ. Rostock; Lin Lin, Chinese Academy of Sciences
11:15 AM
Soil Moisture Sequestration in Pinyon – Juniper Woodland, Induced by Soil Water Repellency.
David A. Robinson, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Inma Lebron, Univ. of the West Indies; Ronald Ryel, Utah State Univ.; Scott B. Jones, Utah State Univ.
11:35 AM
Dynamics of Very near-Surface Water Contents in An Arid Setting.
Michael H. Young, Desert Res. Inst.; Lynn Fenstermaker, Desert Res. Inst.; Jianting Zhu, Desert Res. Inst.
11:50 AM
12:05 PM
1:05 PM
Scale as the Common Language for Soil Variations Revealed with Geophysics, Biophysics, and Remore Sensing.
Dennis Timlin, USDA-ARS, Crop Systems and Global Change Lab.; Yakov Pachepsky, USDA-ARS, BA-ANRI-EMSL; David Fleisher, USDA-ARS, Crop Systems and Global Change Lab.; Rose Marie Shillito, Univ. of Maryland
2:00 PM
Do Soil Water Measurements Reveal Multidimensional Flow Processes along Soil Catenae? ! # @ $.
Timothy R. Green, USDA-ARS; Robert H. Erskine, USDA-ARS; Michael R. Murphy, USDA-ARS; Liwang Ma, USDA-ARS; Gale H. Dunn, USDA-ARS; Quan-Xiao Fang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2:15 PM
Insights Into Plant Water Use through Combining Soil Moisture and Morphology.
Colin S. Campbell, Decagon Devices, Inc.; Kelsey Dunne, Decagon Devices, Inc.; Douglas R. Cobos, Decagon Devices, Inc.; David J. Brown, Washington State Univ.; David R. Huggins, USDA-ARS
2:30 PM
Impact of Root An Soil Hydraulic Properties On Water Flow Variability at the Plant Scale.
Mathieu Javaux, Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH; Jan Vanderborght, Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH; Valentin Couvreur, Univ. catholique de Louvain; Harry Vereecken, Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
2:45 PM