140 Symposium--Enhancing Understanding and Quantification of Soil-Root Growth Interactions: I

Oral Session
A03 Agroclimatology & Agronomic Modeling
Provide a forum for a multidisciplanary discussion of root-soil-environment interactions and the rhizosphere. Share and discuss recent advances in understanding, synthesis, quantification, and modeling of the effects of soil attributes, the rhizosphere, and management on root growth and architecture, and vice versa, in relation to uptake of soil-water and nutrients and soil carbon sequestration.

Soil Physics

Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 9:55 AM-12:20 PM
Convention Center, Room 325, Third Floor

Dennis Timlin and Lajpat Ahuja
9:55 AM
10:00 AM
Physical Interactions in the Rhizosphere.
Peter Gregory, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Glyn Bengough, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Tim S. George, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Paul Hallett, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.
10:50 AM
Tillage and Water Deficit Stress Effects On Corn (Zea mays, L.) Root Distribution.
Joseph Benjamin, USDA-ARS; David Nielsen, USDA-ARS, Central Great Plains Res. Center
11:40 AM
Mechanical Reinforcement and Anchorage by Plant Roots in Soil.
Paul Hallett, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Glyn Bengough, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Ken Loades, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; M. Fraser Bransby, Univ. of Dundee; Slobodan Mickovski, Scottish Crop Res. Inst.; Michael Davies, Univ. of Dundee; Rene Sonnenberg, Univ. of Dundee
12:05 PM
12:20 PM