808 Old Fields-New Life: How New Technologies or New Ideas Have Made a Difference

Oral Session
Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 320ABC

Wayne M. Ahr and Bill Hill
10:00 AM
Petroleum Prospects and Discoveries in Central Belize
David T. King Jr, Auburn University
10:30 AM
Rejuvenation of a Shallow Reservoir in the Seventy-Year-Old Golden Meadow Field, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
Kelly S. Kolvoord, Apache Corporation; Allen R. Peterson, Apache Corporation; Robert C. LaForge, Apache Corporation; Raymond W. Block, Apache Corporation
10:45 AM
Geochemical Software Technology to Characterize Reservoir Systems in the Llanos Basin: Cutting Costs and Learning More
Rick Schrynemeeckers, InfoLogic, Inc; Suhas Talukdar, Baseline Resolution, Inc; Javier Paez, Petrominerales Colombia, Ltd; Uriel Sanchez, Core Laboratories Colombia, S.A
11:00 AM
Lower Tertiary (EOCENE) Transpresive Coahuilan Revolution of Northern Mexico
Santiago Charleston, South Texas College (Retired)
11:30 AM
Field Study of South Pass 60 Field - OCS: An Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach
Craig Davis, Inexs; John Tubb, Inexs; Cecil H. Truss Jr, Inexs; Robert Ostrander, Inexs; M. Drayton Prator III, Prator Bett, L.L.C; Gary Janik, Dynamic Offshore Resources L.L.C; Ed Langhetee, Dynamic Offshore Resources L.L.C; Dennis Giovannetti, Dynamic Offshore Resources L.L.C; Steve Buckert, Petro-Hunt L.L.C
11:45 AM
Using Basin Scale Understanding to Guide Infill Development in a Mature Gas Field, Wamsutter Field, Wyoming
Laura A. Banfield, BP America; William A. Hill, BP America; Robert Lieber, BP America; Tony McClain, BP America; Noel McInnis, BP America; Lee McRae, BP America; Robert Marksteiner, BP America; Kristian Meisling, BP America; Rick Tobin, BP America; Jon Vaitl, BP America