54 Natural Zeolite Utilization in Agriculture, Environmental Science, and Industry: Characterization, Properties, and Applications

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351AD

Robert Bowman and Philip S. Neuhoff
8:00 AM
8:20 AM
Thermodynamic Constraints on the Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Ion Exchange in Zeolites
Jie Wang, University of Florida; Philip S. Neuhoff, University of Florida
8:35 AM
8:55 AM
Stability and Metastability in Zeolite Ion Exchange Reactions: The Case of Clinoptilolite and Heulandite
Philip S. Neuhoff, University of Florida; Jie Wang, University of Florida
9:10 AM
Effects of Zeolite Amendment on Soil Phosphorus
Yuncong Li, University of Florida; Xing Wang; Peter Nkedi-Kizza, University of Florida
9:25 AM
Using St. Cloud Clinoptilolite Zeolite as a Wicking Material to Sustain Riparian Vegetation
Eric Lopez, New Mexico State University; A. Salim Bawazir, New Mexico State University; Brent Tanzy, United States Bureau of Reclamation; Eugene Adkins, USDA-NRCS
9:40 AM
Natural Zeolite Stabilizes Sodium and Boron In Municipal Solid Waste Compost
Ayda Onat, Sabanci University; Osman Arikan, Istanbul Technical University; Atilla Yazici, Sabanci University; Senol Yildiz, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Waste Materials Valuation Industry and Trade Co; Izzet Ozturk, Istanbul Technical University; Talat Ciftci, Biosfer Co; Ismail Cakmak, Sabanci University; Levent Ozturk, Sabanci University
9:55 AM
10:10 AM
New Opportunities in Natural Zeolites
Steven M. Kuznicki, University of Alberta
10:30 AM
Nonequilibrium Sorption of Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Surfactant-Modified Zeolite
Robert Bowman, New Mexico Tech; Joshua A. Simpson, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
10:45 AM
Perchlorate Sorption by Natural Zeolite Modified with Cationic Polymers
Pengfei Zhang, The City College of New York, CUNY; El Khalil Mohamed Bouna, The City College of New York, CUNY
11:15 AM
Use of Zeolitized Rock Wastes for Lightweight Expanded Aggregates Production
Alessio Langella, Univesità del Sannio; Piergiulio Cappelletti, Università Federico II; Guido Cerri, Università di Sassari; Roberto de Gennaro, Università Federico II; Maurizio de' Gennaro, Università Federico II
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