263 Large Scale Continental Deformation at Plate Boundaries

Oral Session
Pardee Keynote Sessions
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, General Assembly Theater Hall A

Lucy M. Flesch and Nathan Niemi
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory Unified Geodetic Network
Meghan Miller, UNAVCO; Michael Jackson, UNAVCO
1:55 PM
The EarthScope Rio Grande Rift GPS Experiment: Measuring Active Tectonics in Colorado and New Mexico
Anne Sheehan, University of Colorado at Boulder; Henry T. Berglund, University of Colorado at Boulder; Mousumi Roy, University of New Mexico; Anthony Lowry, Utah State University; R. Steven Nerem, University of Colorado at Boulder; Frederick Blume, UNAVCO; Walter Szeliga, University of Colorado at Boulder
2:15 PM
Contemporary Deformation of the Basin and Range Lithosphere from GPS Observations, and What They Imply for Continental Dynamics
William Charles Hammond, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Nevada Seismological Laboratory; Geoff Blewitt, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Nevada Seismological Laboratory; Corné Kreemer, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Nevada Seismological Laboratory
2:35 PM
Crustal Rotation and Deformation In the Snake River Plain and Northern Basin and Range Province
Suzette J. Payne, Idaho National Laboratory; Robert W. King, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Robert McCaffrey, GNS Science
2:55 PM
Effects of the Yellowstone Hotspot and Mantle Plume on the Western U.S
Robert Smith, University of Utah; Christine Puskas, University of Utah; Jamie Farrell, University of Utah; Wulung Chang, University of Utah; Bernhard Steinberger, Geological Survey of Norway; Richard O'Connell, Harvard University
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
Pace and Tempo of Deformation in Eastern California Over the Past 3 Ma: Implications for the Geodynamic Evolution of Right-Lateral Shear along the Western Margin of the Basin and Range
Eric Kirby, Penn State Univ; Douglas Walker, Univ of Kansas; Marith Reheis, U.S. Geological Survey; Fred Phillips, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; Doug Burbank, University of California
3:50 PM
Insights on Lithospheric Delamination from the Sierra Nevada Earthscope Project (SNEP)
George Zandt, University of Arizona; Hersh Gilbert, Purdue University; Craig Jones, University of Colorado - Boulder; Thomas J. Owens, University of South Carolina
4:10 PM
4:30 PM
Present and Past Crustal Deformation in the Western United States: Why Are They Different?
Mian Liu, Univ of Missouri-Columbia; Youqing Yang, Univ of Missouri-Columbia
4:50 PM
North America Dynamics and Western U.S. Tectonics
Eugene D. Humphreys, University of Oregon
5:10 PM