252 Terrestrial Impact Structures: Origin, Structure, and Evolution (Posters)

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Christian Koeberl and Jared R. Morrow
Poster #216
Manicouagan Basal Suevites as Lunar Granulitic Breccia Analogues
Jillian A. Hudgins, University of New Brunswick; Lucy M. Thompson, Department of Geology
Poster #217
Impact Processes and Products of the Marine Alamo Event, Southeastern Nevada and Western Utah
Jared R. Morrow, San Diego State University; John E. Warme, Colorado School of Mines; Jesus A. Pinto, INTEVEP-PDVSA; Charles A. Sandberg, U.S. Geol. Survey
Poster #218
Geophysical, structural, and kinematic analysis of the Weaubleau structure: Implications for an oblique impact
Kevin R. Evans, Missouri State University; Kevin L. Mickus, Missouri State University
Poster #220
Multi-Sulfur Isotopes in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Samples from the Western Interior-Search for Photochemical Effects
Christian Koeberl, University Vienna; Mark Thiemens, University California San Diego
Poster #221
Cathodoluminescence Characterization of “Ballen Quartz” In Impactites from Terrestrial IMPACT Structures
Tasuku Okumura, Okayama University of Science; Arnold Gucsik, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry; Hirotsugu Nishido, Okayama University of Science; Kiyotaka Ninagawa, Okayama University of Science; Martin Schmieder, University of Stuttgart; Elmar Buchner, University of Stuttgart
Poster #222
Cathodoluminescence Study of Shocked K-Feldspar from Bosumtwi Meteorite Crater
Szabolcs Nagy, Eötvös Lorand University; Tasuku Okumura, Okayama University of Science; Arnold Gucsik, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Poster #223
Chesapeake Bay, Montagnais, and Manson Craters- Same Thing ?
Axel Wittmann, USRA; David A. Kring, Lunar and Planetary Institute; Wolf U. Reimold, Humboldt University
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