292 Discovering Petrologic Truth in Minerals I: In Honor of Bernard W. Evans

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351AD

Ronald Frost and Donna L. Whitney
8:15 AM
Thermobarometry Gone Astray
Eric J. Essene, University of Michigan
8:30 AM
Interplay Between Equilibrium and Kinetics in Metamorphism of Pelites in the Nelson Aureole, British Columbia
David R.M. Pattison, Univ of Calgary; Doug Tinkham, Laurentian University
8:45 AM
THERIA_G: A Numerical Model to Simulate Prograde Garnet Growth
Fred Gaidies, University of Calgary; Christian de Capitani, University of Basel; Rainer Abart, Free University of Berlin
9:00 AM
Truth In High-Pressure Minerals? Crossing the Footsteps of Bernard W. Evans
Christian Chopin, Ecole normale superieure - CNRS
9:30 AM
9:45 AM
High-Resolution TEM Study of Inclusions / Precipitates in Omphacite from Sulu and Dabie UHP Eclogites, Eastern China
Hiromi Konishi, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Huifang Xu, University of Wisconsin - Madison
10:00 AM
P-T Conditions for Eclogite / Garnet Amphibolite from Serpentinite Mélanges along the Motagua Fault Zone, Guatemala
George E. Harlow, American Museum of Natural History; Virginia B. Sisson, American Museum of Natural History; Tatsuki Tsujimori, Okayama University; Sorena S. Sorensen, Smithsonian Institution; Hannes K. Brueckner, Queens College and The Graduate Ctr, CUNY
10:15 AM
Some Thoughts on the Kinetics of Peridotite Carbonation
Peter B. Kelemen, Columbia University; Jürg Matter, Columbia University
10:30 AM
Onset and Progression of Two-Stage Serpentinization and Magnetite Formation In Olivine-Rich Troctolite, Core 227, IODP Hole U1309D
James S. Beard, Virginia Museum of Natural History; B. Ronald Frost, University of Wyoming; Patricia Fryer, U Hawaii
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